Monday, July 13, 2009

4 Steps to Eating for results

Wow, it is July! Have you been to the stores lately? They are getting ready for back to school shopping! My kids said, "We just got out, don't send us back yet". I know, this seems very early to me too. I have to say that I think it is how the stores plan and how they are able to reach the results that they plan for. I have never worked in retail stores, so I don't know, I am just going with the fact that plans need to be made, inorder for success to happen.

So, if you can think of this in terms of what your goals are and what you need to do to reach them, then you will get what I mean. I am telling you that eating is something that we all need and have to do, so we need to understand that we need a plan! Eating for results requires some planning.

Step 1: I ask you to take a day to think about what your eating habits are really, honestly like. Take this same day to write down what you want them to be and what you would like to get out of eating better. Meaning what are your goals, what is important to you, your WHY!!

Step 2: Take the next several days to write down what you are actually eating, this is everything, even a tic tac. I have my clients do this and it really helps to get you honest about your food and helps you understand what food is really doing for you.

Step 3: I recommend that you keep up with the journaling of food even as you make the other changes. Now, make a plan! I give my clients a premade form that allows them to plan a week of exercise and meals. The planning is a good way to think about what your week is going to be like. Take a day and sit down with a piece of paper, write down the days of the week. Now, write down what you will eat for each meal.

Step 4: This is what you should be aiming for: eat every 2-4 hours. That should be about 5 meals a day. Choose the foods that are good for you, like healthy proteins- Lean chicken or turkey breast, egg whites, turkey bacon. Healthy dairy- lowfat or fat free cottage cheese, yogurt, string cheese. Eat some fruits and veggies too, pick some healthy carbs like- oatmeal, whole grain bread, hummus, brown rice..

Take this week to get on track. I will be posting more soon on how to put these foods together and make them work better for you.
Love Life, Laugh as You Live, and Stay Fit,
Dani Laux

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