Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nutrition tips- Motivation and healthy meal planning

Ok, so here I go again. Let us continue the journey of food choices and how to stay motivated to make the choices good or better.

First- fact about women and protein. I know a lot of women that ask about protein. Women that do not workout- sedentary adult women- require about 46 grams of Protein per day. Now if you are a women that is working out with weights you will require about 56 grams or Protein or more each day. Are you trying to put on muscle- oh yes!! You need, one gram of Protein per pound of body weight per day.

OK, so how do you stay motivated to make good choices. I will tell you honestly what I have found out that works. It may sound easy to some, and hard to others. Maybe, make some of you roll your eyes, because, you just think, yeah right. Well, if you think that way, then you will remain where you are.
What it comes down to is this- what you think, is what will be. So, if you are struggling and telling yourself that you just can't do it, that it is too hard, and you are used to eating a certain way and just don't know how to change. Well, you guessed it that is how it is. Oh, I have seen many people make changes and it is amazing and inspirational. Yes, I am positive, motivating and encouraging. Does this mean that I will just tell you that it will all be fine. NO, I am telling you that you need to want to make the changes, and you need to act on those goals. You can do it, you are worth it.

So, start there, TEll yourself you are worth it.
MOTIVATION HAPPENS SECOND! What does that mean? It means this, so many people struggle with the thought, that something has to motivate them first, before they will start to make changes. In some cases, weddings, vacations and stuff like reunions may do it. Does it stay, often not. So, I am talking about just starting, when you do, you see the changes in your mind, body and spirit and that creates motivation.
So, yes I am saying it is up to you, I will always try my hardest to motivate and teach you, I know that it is up to you to make the actions to reach your goals. So, take some actions.
Write down your goal and put it on the fridge and in your purse or wallet, in the car, on the night stand, you get the idea. See it everywhere, speak it out load everyday. Follow the other tips I have in other blogs posts and stick to it.

Ok, lets' get into healthy meal planning a bit.
Some of you will need to follow my tip on getting all garbage food out of the house and start fresh, some of you will need to take a meal at a time week by week. What ever works best for you is the goal here.
You must, even though you work, take care of the kids, clean and do everything for eveyone- take time to plan or have a good understanding of portions to get this part done.
Meal planning is great. Think about one or two days during the week, one you shop and one or two you are cooking and washing and cutting up food to put in the fridge or freezer. Get out a big sheet of paper and plan your shopping list with lots of chicken, eggs, no fat or 1% cottage cheese, string cheese, yogurt, olive oil, turkey bacon, veggie burgers, lean ground meats, veggies, fruits,oatmeal, whole grain pasta or cereals, frozen fruit bars, sorbet, non fat frozen yogurt. Order from mysite, your protein powder and bars.

Take some time to see what foods you need to get and how you can put them together.
Here are some sample meal ideas for you:

Meal 1:3- 5 egg whites scrambled, 1 whole grain bagel with natural peanut butter. Coffee
Meal 2: A meal replacement or Protein shake with 4 oz of Skim or soy milk.
Meal 3: 3 oz chicken breast cut up into a salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and a few green olives.
Meal 4: 1/2 cup of lowfat or nonfat cottge cheese, 1/2 cup of nonfat vanilla yogurt, 1 cup of blueberries, mix and enjoy
Meal 5: tuna or 3-4 oz chicken, 1 cup of green beans.
Meal 6: if needed- protein shake, or air popped popcorn, or frozen fruit bar.

See how all these foods will work for you:
I will continue to get into more for future posts
Love Life, Laugh as You Live and Stay Fit,
Dani Laux

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