Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you eat whatever and expect to see results

OK, these have been some of my thoughts lately, from some conversations I have had and or heard and just need to talk about.
Do you follow a good nutrition plan? I don't know how many of us really follow the right kind of nutrition plan and how many of us just eat whatever and whenever. I know that in order to get the most energy out of my body and to give the most energy I can give, I need to eat clean and healthy.

Now, do you expect your body to change when you workout, but, you don't eat clean and healthy? You know you can lose weight without the workouts. Yes, I said it, but don't get me wrong. The workouts are needed, you burn fat faster and better, you give your body amazing shape and help your muscles and bones get stronger. It is just my point on how important nutrition is.

So, take the time to get the workouts in and take the time to prepare the healthy food. You can do it. You really have to want it and understand that in order for you to see the results you want to see you have to do something about it. No more, oh, he sees results faster, and oh your just in better shape than I am. That is negative talk and it will keep you in the same place forever. I always told you, it isn't easy. But it does get easier. When you take the time to plan and act, it becomes habit. That is what you need to make it. Find what you like to do and know that you may not like every form of exercise, you just have to do it.

I have plenty of days where I just don't want to cut up my veggies and cook the chicken and I just want chocolate, because I can't stop thinking about it or something else not good for me. We all do!! I am OK, with some dark chocolate, I actually prefer it now.
It is me talking myself into making and preparing the good choices. To give myself and my family good healthy snacks and meals. Of course I have something sometimes and I move on. So, I am saying you are not alone. We have to make it a habit and just do it.
have a great day,
Love Life, Laugh as you Live, and Stay Fit,

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