Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Re- Cap on Feb 18th Event Finacially Fit

I am sharing this with you from Kristina Sullins Blog and made just a few changes.
Here is a little RE-Cap of the Beachbody Inspirational Workshop from Feb 18th.
What an Amazing Event our team experienced last Thursday during the "Get Financially Fit" Business Presentation with Guest Speaker & Leading Business Consultant, Craig Holiday! Craig Holiday has over 35 yrs. experience in leading Individuals to financial freedom through Buisnesses like "Beachbody". Craig shares his heart and allows you to believe in your "Dreams" again! My Beachbody Coaching Team came with high hopes of being Inspired and Direction on how to set up their futures---and they were not disappointed! Kristina Sullins the Diamond Coach on our team and who is extremely successful introduced the meeting and special Guest Speakers: Myself, Danielle & Tom Laux & Kristia Hord who are successful Beachbody Coaches, shared our stories as well. Anyone who has a DREAM and a PASSION to Do More will succeed in this Business...and with an Empowering Team like this one, we all have SUPPORT from one another. I am blessed to be able to do what I LOVE & Grow as a Person and Leader in this Amazing Business...most importantly I am fortunate to work with like-minded, motivated & driven individuals who are Focused on Living a Better Life!! For those who joined our Team from this Event as NEW Beachbody Coaches---Welcome!! We are Excited to have you!!

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