Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making the most of Time

I know we are busy. I ask you, if you are using your time in an effective way.
I just did a training with a lot of great people on our team. It is a very awesome way for me to use my time, I find it effective to teach others about how to better use the precious time we all have. This is your day, plan it, schedule it and protect it!

First we talked about knowing what your priorities are. We all have different ones,all though, you may be surprised at how similar some of them are as well.
Everything you do should be based off of those priorities. You have to schedule your day based off of them.

I think this next thing is so important. I just ran into this issue myself yesterday. I had my day planned, and I always know that something unexpected may happen in my day. You see we can't manage our time, we can only manage ourselves, it does take great discipline to do that. So, make sure you understand that you can't plan the unexpected things in life, but you can allow time for them in your day. My day was interrupted by pain. I had to go to the Chiropractor and take care of it. This was not my usual day for the Chiropractor and it interrupted my other plans. So, I was emotionally ok, because I allowed time in my day for the unexpected things. Maybe I was still upset because I physically hurt, but understanding that I couldn't control that, but I can control the way I do my schedule totally keeps me at ease, instead of angry.

So, basically I ask you to make sure you plan time for unexpected things.

In the team training meeting, we all found this to be helpful. Make a day specifically for planning and doing routine things. This is the day to plan your schedule and write out your goals and plans. The day to go through the mail, make those phone calls. Get organized!! Now- make sure you do not let things steal your time away from you. Do not procrastinate. Just do it and get it done.
Make your to do list everyday based off all the things you are planning, keep it with you everywhere you go. Make the time to focus on what is important to you. I have so many more things to say about this. Let me know how you focus on organization and I will post more on another day.
thanks and have a Blessed and Organized day,

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