Monday, March 22, 2010

Use your body with a mindful approach!

Over the years, I have really focused on not only the best ways to build my body, but the best ways to help others as well. As I get older and realize that my body is starting to feel some things that, let's say, I just don't like; I know it is important for me to get in the care that I need, in order to be truly healthy and well. So, I will be sharing some of my story with you, as I prepare to put this in more of an article form for the future.

I started teaching group exercise at a young age of 17. I remember thinking this is great, I want to help others and this is a great way to do it! So, my fitness career began. Now, I didn't wait for others to teach me, I got out there and looked up info and signed up for certifications. Gaining knowledge was and still is important to me. My pursuit of knowledge lead me to start doing Personal Training. I always loved to lift weights. When I was in high school, myself and a friend would actually workout in the weight room with all the football players. We were like, we will not be intimidated by you big guys. If we want to lift weights too, move over and make some room. So, I took that into my passion as well. I wanted women to know that they can go into the weight room and pick up the weights and help shape their bodies as well. This is about teaching women to not be afraid to lift weights because they think they will get big and bulky like a guy. I still face this same issue today. Many women think that they will get big and bulky. Getting the truth out there is so important. We are all made up a bit different. Some women will put muscle on quicker than others. We have to learn to build our body based off of the goals, we have to take the knowledge that is out there and DO IT!

After years of teaching and training others and myself. I got introduced to Pilates. I first did it on a resistance ball. I have to honestly say, I like to lift weights and was not really into it. The more I practiced, the more I began to love Pilates. I now teach the Mat format,as well as PiYo and Yoga each week.
Yoga is probably the most mentally challenging class for me, because of the holding and breathing techniques. I am a go, go, go person. Now that I have been doing it for over a couple of years.I love it.

My body has gotten to the point of telling me, that I need to be adding more of the pilates and yoga type workouts to my schedule. This is a way for me to get in joint mobility and flexibility. The pain I feel in my body everyday, is a true indicator of how much I have pounded it over the years as an athlete. Even someone like me, who is so PICKY about form and making sure you are working all muscles, in order to be balanced, has issues. Yep, if you take my classes, you will see just how picky I am. I walk around and fix form, I talk about it all the time. I go over it before and after class with anyone that asks or I see may need it.

So I am asking you to start to think about the things that are going on with your body. Are you feeling sluggish, down, drained, hurting, not seeing results anymore, don't know what to do??? Nutrition is not the best? You know, many of the things we deal with from time to time. I ask you to make sure you get your check ups, know your blood work, body fat % and all that good stuff. Being in the know is important. Also, I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist. I know I could not do what I do, If I did not seek treatment and care. Use a mindful approach to your training and goal setting. Listen to what your body is telling you!
You can train hard as long as you are getting in and making your self care a priority!

More to come as I get some interviews in and talk with other professionals out there.
Have a Blessed and Well Day,

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