Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fit Summer

Summer time is pretty much here. Many of us spent the Winter and Spring thinking about how we want to fit into a certain outfit or how we want to have some more energy by the time Summer arrives.
June is a couple of days away. I want to encourage you to keep going. Look at your health and fitness goals as a way of life. Sure a lot of us want it fast. I ask you to really focus on what is important to you. Why do you want to lose weight, drop body fat, increase energy, eat healthier? Is it to fit in an outfit, is it to run around after your kids, is it to live a long full life? Whatever it is, is fine. First, I ask you to own it!! Don't worry about what someone else may say to you. You know what I mean, the people that say, " You look fine, you don't need to lose weight, you can eat and drink this, you workout hard, right?" Hey, are these the other persons goals or yours we are talking about here? That being said, I am not telling you that you can't eat something like dessert or have a drink, please, we all do in moderation. Enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty, just make sure you stick to eating healthy the rest of the time. Get in exercise that makes you happy and one that you enjoy!! With it being Summer time, that means more outside activity. Use this time to enjoy the beautiful days, move and have fun!

Eating: Remember that foods like carbs are good for you, don't eliminate them completely. They help us perform mentally and physically. Choosing the best carbs is important, especially if you do need to lose some weight. Instead of the pasta, white breads and sugar cereals. Choose,whole grain rice, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes, fruits, and legumes.

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