Saturday, May 15, 2010

Turbo Fire coming soon

I know you are looking for the next best or even a program that can motivate you and help you achieve all of your goals. Well, it is here. Get Turbo Fire this June! Let me know you are ready and I will coach you through this amazing program.I have to tell you that as a trainer and instructor myself I am so excited to be able to show you this program and coach you through it. For those of you that love cardio and are looking for the best way to get it in, or you love P90X and want more cardio, This is it!!
Turbo Fire was created by the Best Trainer and number one master motivator/Fitness Instructor- Chalene Johnson.

Best Workout- HIIT Training can burn up to 9x more fat and calories than traditional cardio workouts.

Best music- hottest sound track they was created just for Turbo Fire
You get the Best Spot in class, Chalene saved the front row, just for you.

The Secret is High Intensity Interval Training: Short burst of maximum effort, followed by quick recovery periods are the cutting edge of training for maximum transformation, proven to get results more than an other type of cardio. Inginite your metabolism and be ready to created a phenomenon know as the After Burn Effect. It is why you can burn up to 9x more fat and caloried with Turbo Fire than any other traditional cardio program you have ever tried.

Watch the Video below. It will be released in June, Coaches get it first. So if you are ready to join my team, let me know and you can get this amazing program first too!!

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