Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sugar or something like it

Info from Nutrition Action Health Letter:

Here is a great scoop on some popular sugars out there today. Sucrose, which is table sugar, breaks down into 50% fructose, 50% glucose in the body.

Agave syrup or nectar: 84% fructose, 8% glucose, 8% sucrose. From the Mexican Agave cactus.

Apple juice concentrate: 60% fructose, 27% glucose,13% sucrose. Made by cooking down apple juic.

Brown Sugar: 97% sucrose, 1% fructose, 1% glucose. Granulated white sugar mixed with a small amount of molasses.

Corn Syrup: 8% to 96% glucose, 0% fuctose, 0% sucrose. a liquid made from cornstarch.

Evaporated Cane juice: 100% sucrose. Crystals made by evaporating liquid that has been pressed from sugarcane.

Frucotse: 100% Fructose. Found naturally in fruits and vegetables. we get most of our fructose from high-frucotse corn syrup.

Glucose or Dextrose: 100% glucose. Small amounts are found naturally in fruit and vegetables,but most is made from cornstarch. It's also found in honey and most other sugars.

Grape juice concentrate: 52% fuctose, 48% glucose. Made by cooking down grape juice.

High-Frucotse corn syrup (HFCS) typically 55% fructose, 45% glucose, or 58% glucose, 42% fructose. Corn syrup with some of its glucose converted into frucotse.

Honey: 50% fructose, 44% glucose, 1% sucrose. Made by honeybees from plant nectar.

Maple Syrup: 95% sucrose, 4% glucose, 1% fructose. Boiled down from sap from the sugar maple tree.

Molasses: 53% sucrose, 23% frucotse, 21% glucose. by product of sugarcane refining. Blackstrap molasses is a good source or iron and calcium.

Orange juice concentrate: 46% sucrose, 28% fructose, 26% glucose. Made by cooking down orange juice.

Raw Sugar: 100% sucrose. Partially refined sugar with some molasses left.

Table sugar, confectioner's Sugar, Baker's sugar, Powdered sugar: 100% sucrose. Most is refined from sugarcane or beets.

Where's the Added Sugar?
Coke, Pepsi, Sprite. Regular sodas add the most sugar to a typical American's diet.
I always say if you are trying to cut back on added sugars, look around and see what you are drinking.

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