Monday, July 19, 2010

Iowa Fit Camp

This weekend was filled with joy, excitement, fun, and plain old down right hard core Workout Energy! My husband Tom and I drove 6 hours to visit the beautiful Decorah Iowa. This is where one of the Coaches on Our Team lives, her name is Vicki! Vicki has a gymnastics studio out there and is holding Free Fit Camps! Tom and I went to help Vicki and show all the guests how to bring a great workout for all fitness levels.

As the instructor I lead around 13 people in a little bit of Turbo Kick and then some X-treme training, like you see in P90X! It was amazing. Everyone worked hard, sweated and did their best! I am so proud of this group!! Way to Bring it!

After our amazing workout we all recovered with some Recovery Drink, and sampled Shakeology! This is a great way to share these products and let others know you care about their health and wellness. This is exactly what is important to Vicki and why she started as a Coach in the first place.

We are all on a journey together! Was everyone at the Camp in great shape and at their goal weight already? Heck no. Some maybe, and some not at all, that is the beauty of it, we all come together, no judgement, just exercise, accountability, support and love! We even had some ask about how to be a Coach too! That is great, more people spreading the news on fitness and wellness. We are all on this mission to help stop obesity and when we all come together it Will Be done! So again, we are all on a journey, we don't have to be fitness experts or in the best shape of our lives to Coach. Will you get there yes, if you keep at it! Being a Coach is about having your own Business, helping others is a benefit and getting in shape is too!!

We had so much fun, I loved meeting everyone and I look forward to the next time we can travel back to Iowa.

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