Friday, July 9, 2010

Still Feel Hungry

I feel Hungry:
Do you skip meals in hopes of losing weight? I get asked about feeling hungry a lot, so I am addressing it today here. Make sure your meals and snacks are every 2-3 hours. Sometimes we wait way to long and then we are so hungry we grab the wrong foods. Drink plenty of water too, this really helps. Never skip meals in the hope of losing weight, it will only be counterproductive to you. It is easy to over eat when you are over hungry. Growl, crabby, growl, look out!!

If you are are eating healthy, every two to three hours, with proteins, good carbs with fiber, and some fat, and you still feel hungry- If you eat veggies add more volume to them like making it in a soup, the body will feel fuller. There also may be the chance that your calories could be to low for the amount of exercise you do. Add a bit more of chicken or fish, like 1 ounce, or half a cup of beans or an extra piece of fruit, to your meals. Also make sure you eat slowly, this will help you be more satisfied.

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