Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eating Healthy with Popcorn

I love Air Popped Pop Corn!
 Information from: Nutrition Action Health letter!
Some ideas about the pop corn that is OK to eat today, for those of us that love it and want to make the best choice possible.
On the microwave popcorn boxes, be aware of a few things:
"Sprinkle" means more sodium, 240 milligrams per serving. "Taste of Butter" is code for  "enough butter-flavored partially hydrogenated soybean oil to supply 4 grams of trans fat," that is two days worth.

Most all Pop Secret and Jiffy Pop pop corns still have trans fat. Also, nearly all Act, Newman's Own, Orville Redenbacher, and Smart Balance microwave pop corns have replaced partially hydrogenated oils with mostly palm oil.

What to pick? Stick to 94% Fat Free versions of those brands. Better yet, look for Pop Weaver. This year, that brand switched to canola oil, so you don't have to worry about either saturated or trans fat.

What else? Just know to look for a no-trans microwave popcorn with the fewest calories and the least sat fat and sodium in the " 1 cup popped" Serving listed in the Nutrition Facts. Now Multiply by 4 to estimate what you're likely to get if you eat a third to half of the bag.

Now for me, I LOVE Air Popped popcorn. We take a little olive oil and spray it on and add a little bit of sea salt!! Yummy and so much better!!

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