Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful Body Begins Now

                                                    Beautiful Body Begins Now!

Next time you find yourself thinking about how much you want to feel beautiful inside and out, ask yourself: What Am I doing for my beauty inside and out? Meaning, what am I putting in my body or doing for my body to make it shine on the outside and make it healthy from head to toe inside?

I often hear from people that they know what to do, they just don't do it. As I have learned in many things, it is often easy to do, but so much easier NOT to do.
This is very true, we are creatures of our bad habits. We need to learn to take the old bad habits of not eating well, no time for exercise, and the I just want to eat what I want to eat attitude and adjust it a bit!! I have to tell you very matter of fact, that the attitude you may have about wanting to eat whatever you want whenever you want, will eventually end up in the hands of those that love you the most, because those people are the ones that will now have to either say good bye to you early or take care of you after a heart attack, stroke or help you manage your diabetes. I know that sounds harsh, I just have it in my heart, I pray everyday that the ones I love as well as the ones you all love, will wake up and have whatever needs to Click, Click already, and they will do something do be healthier! :)

OK, so that being said. How do we stop the old habits? First of all get out paper and pen, nothing is as powerful as when you put pen to paper about something. Well, I do say pray about it first of course and then write it down:) Now, write down one habit that you know you need to change. Write down what you will do instead of it, this is replacing it with a good habit instead. I give the water bottle example all the time. Say you want to stop the habit of not drinking enough water and always forgetting to bring your water bottle with you. Write down that you will take your water bottle everyday and fill it up and put it next to your purse or keys. So when you leave you are in the habit of grabbing it every time!

Now let's talk about making it a good habit to get in exercise at least 3- 5 times a week. This really comes down to you just planning it and just doing it. If you wait for motivation to kick in to do it, you'll be picking snacking and watching TV every time. You have to START, That is what creates the motivation to do it again. You get that great feeling of doing something good for you. Now some of us, know its hard, and when we do it, we get the feeling that it is hard again. And that can make you want to stop! HOLD ON there sisters and brothers! You have to just start, even if it is hard, just think if you continue to wait, put it off, it will be that much harder down the road. Also, by then you may end up with something that is a huge challenge to get rid of or try to reverse like diseases. JUST DO IT NOW!! It has nothing to do with not loving the body you have now, it is about knowing and understanding that if the body you have now is obese, or over weight you can be at risk for diseases! It is about finding a healthy body weight and body fat percent for you!! Not comparing to Daisy down the road or Fred up the street, it is YOU and what is healthy for YOU!

Start by incorporating exercise 3 x a week, get in about 20-30 minutes of Cardio type exercise. Walking, dancing, group fitness class. Also aim to get in 25-45 min of resistance training, this can be a Yoga workout, boot camp style with push ups, or good old weight training too!!

Now let's talk about nutrition. Aim for at least 5 healthy meals each day. Foods that are full of proteins, veggies, fruits and good complex carbs! Avoid fast foods, full of saturated fats, and sweets, sodas, highly processed packaged foods and over eating them as well. Moderation is one thing, over eating will bring you nothing but guilt in one way or another.

So, take the time you need to start thinking about creating a beautiful body inside and out! We are given only one and we need to do the best job possible to take care of it! Make sure it is a YES that you are saying to yourself in order to get the time you need to care for you! I believe that setting your priorities is huge, put being healthy on your list today, especially if you tend to let it go easily. Ask for accountability as well, so the ones around you know you are important too! After all, I always say, the more you take care of you, the better you can take care of others!

Love Life, Laugh as You Live and Stay Fit,
Dani Laux

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