Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fitness Resolution with Team Life Inspiration

Achieve True Fitness: Have a strategy set that includes- Cardio, strength training, functional exercise, good nutrition and supplements!

I am very excited to be able to start this Resolution with you. For me personally this year has been a struggle and a Blessing at the same time. I plan to really focus on this as an opportunity to reach others and help them get into the best shape ever. And yes- Me too!! So on we go! I hope you are ready to reach into a new you. Really, when we start to make some changes in our exercise and nutrition habits and surround ourselves with others doing the same, it does something to us, it creates a motivating, encouraging, and Positive environment to be in and a part of! Being in each others lives, makes a lot of difference! When you have a hard day and want to give up, we remind you of Your WHY!! That is what you want, why you are doing this and why it is so important to you!! So, get a pen and paper and write those things down now! Message me that you are ready and Team Life Inspiration will help you all the way! I can't wait to get started, how about you?

Exercise is part of a program for healthy living- it's not the whole package. we cannot exercise regularly, while eating poor or neglecting other critical dimensions of living and expect to feel good!

This is about A Fitness Resolution to get your year started off right and make it the year you ...stick to being healthy every month!!

To get started:

Meet us at one of our Fit Club locations-

Elite Fitness in Homer Glen: Meets every 2nd and 4th Sat from 10:15 - 11:45 AM. Starting In Jan on the 4th sat of the month.

Naperville Christian Church in Naperville- every Monday starting on Jan 3rd. at 6:30 PM

Fit Clubs are Free for Guests. At Elite Fitness in HOmer Glen Coaches pay $10 each time!

~ To Participate in 90 Day Challenge ~

The coach that invited you will be the coach you can order any programs or supplements from. Challenge Prizes are for EVERYONE!!

1. Order exercise program of your choice, like P90X, Slim in Six, or Turbo Fire. ect...

2. Order Shakeology
Go over to My Healthiest Meal of the Day Page for more info on Shakeology!
3. Pay a 10$ entrance fee that will be put into a pot to go towards prizes for participation! We Will hold a Raffle at the end of the 90 Days for all the Prizes!!

If You would like to keep track of your measurements, we can measure You at the Fit Clubs!

Get your orders in NOW! This way you are ready to go by Jan. 3rd.

This is about being healthy all year long, not just for Jan and Feb. So let's get it started right!!

Please Email Dani with any questions:

thank you,


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