Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eating Clean Shopping list and Meal Plan ideas

Eating Clean Challenge Day 6 + 7!
Eating Clean is a habit and we are getting ready to start WEEK 2!

Eating clean will produce better results more quickly. It isn't about doing it quick, it is about creating a habit and then YES, You will see it quicker than if you didn't do it at all, or only exercised.

This weekend I am asking you to create your shopping list and meal plans.
You will need to eat every 4 hours. It's easier to stick to an eating schedule if you're prepared. So it is grocery list time!! I am going to do this list like I do mine at home. In the order that I use it and shop. Please adjust to how your store is layed out and which aisle you go to first.

Sample list: Organic as much as possible
Carrots: 1 bag
Celery: 1-2 large stalks
Broccoli: 1-2 bunches
Cauliflower: 1 small head
Cucumbers: 2-3 large
Green Peppers: 2 medium
Roma Tomatoes: 5-6 large or medium or container of small ones
Romaine Lettuce: 2- 3 heads
Spinach prewashed: 1-2 bags

Blueberries: 2 cups or 1-2 containers
Strawberries: 2 cups or 1-2 containers
Grapefruits: about 4 medium
Oranges: 1 big bag or about 6-8 medium to large
Apples: Red bag and Green bag or about 6 small to medium of each

Frozen Food:
Strawberries: 1-2 bags
Peaches: 1 bag
Green Beans: 2 bags
Broccoli: 2 bags
Vans Waffles: 2-4 boxes

Chicken Breasts: 2-3 packages of 4
Sliced Turkey Breast: 2-3 packs
Shrimp: 2 medium bags
Nitrate Free Turkey Bacon

Canned Goods:
Black Beans: 2 cans
Tomato sauce: 1 -2 jars
Amy's Organic Medium chili with veggies: 2 cans
Green Beans: 2 cans

Quaker instant oatmeal: 1 large container
Instant brown rice: 1-2 packs
Hummus: 1 container

Ezekiel: grain bread: 1 loaf in freezer
Arnolds bread: no HFCS no dairy for my son: 1 - 2 loaves
100% whole grain pasta: 1 box
Rice pasta: 1 box

Eggs/ Dairy:
Eggs: 2-3 dozen
Egg whites, All whites: 1 container
Low Fat mozzarella sticks: 1 package
Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt: 16 ounce container or Strawberry
also Raspberry Greek Yogurt individual sized about 5
Light Soy Milk: 2 1/2 gallons
Low fat cottage cheese: 1 container

Nuts: almonds and walnuts: 1 small package

Some things you  may need on hand:
Shakeology: 1 bag
Protein Powder: 1 container
P90X Protein Bars: 12 in a box
Applesauce: 1 jar
Ground black pepper: small bottle
Chili powder: 1 container
Cinnamon: 1 container
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1 bottle
Honey: small container
Nonstick cooking spray: 1 bottle
Low-sodium chicken broth: 1 container
Baked tortilla chips: 1 bag
Salsa: 1 container
Peanut butter all natural stir and in fridge: 1 jar

Sample Meal Plan:
Eat every 4 hours! Keep it simple. Balance your foods together!
I give you an example of what I eat in the Eating Clean TAB above, please feel free to check it as well.
Meal 1: 4 egg whites with 1 cup of Oatmeal

Meal 2: 5 ounce chicken breast (palm sized) with tomato salad

Meal 3: 1 cup of Greek Yogurt and blueberries

Meal 4: 5 large shrimp and unlimited leafy salad with raw broccoli and raw cucumber

Meal 1: Omelet from 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup chopped broccoli, 1 oz of low fat mozzarella cheese with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread

Meal 2: 3 oz of Tuna with 1 cup of Hummus and tomatoes

Meal 3: Shakeology with 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup of soy milk or low fat milk. and 1 cup of Strawberries frozen

Meal 4: 5 oz Chicken Breast with 1 cup of Green Beans and 1 cup of brown rice

So planning these meals will be part of what you will do each week. Going to the store after you make your list is important to help you stay of track and not buy what you really don't need. Remember to buy somethings in bulk, use coupons like crazy and buy store brands!!

You should have already planned what time you will be eating your meals, some of us it will vary, don't worry about that, do it a week at a time or a day at a time, just Do IT! My schedule is different on the eve's I am home and the eve's I am not. So plan it and don't worry about it. My kids know some days we eat later for dinner and sometimes earlier. We try to stick to the same time as much as possible. Other than that I pretty much stick to the same times each day. I bring my food with me if I have more apts in the morning after I teach or train and can't come home. That is honestly where my P90X bars save me!!

After you have your times written down, go into the times and write down what foods you will eat based off of your shopping list and meal ideas. Pretty much I want you to have a Protein with every meal, a carb or veggie too! Fruit can be with one meal as well.

My day is about 5 Proteins, 2 dairy, 1 - 2 fruits, 2 vegetables, 1 fat, 1 carb sometimes 2
I have Shakeology everyday, If you want to know why see my Healthiest Meal of the Day TAB Above.

OK, Now get to work, comment below and let me know how it is going!
I look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Eating Clean 30 Day Challenge Day 5

Day 5:
How are we doing? I am so excited it is Friday! I have been asking you to log all you are eating now for the entire week and then to go back and mark what your portions sizes are and if you know if your foods are protein, carbs, fat, veggies, and or fruits. I want to encourage you to keep it going. You are laying the foundation to create the Habit of Eating Clean!!

As I said yesterday, I will talk to you today about what your portions of each food should look like. I will also give you examples of how to start to plan and prepare your food choices and meals to be ready each day to eat healthy and clean. Here is where more work comes in on your part.
There is some great ideas out there that I have found work and some don't! For example: I used to tell everyone to eat every 2- 3 hours. Most of us need to eat every 4 hours to keep our insulin levels more balanced. I have found every 4 hours is BEST!!!! It is about balance. When we eat to frequently we end up surging our insulin on a constant basis.

Lean Proteins: Meat, Fish, tofu, Egg whites about 5- 6 servings a day
Complex Carbs from Veggies and Fruit: 5- 6 servings a day
Carbs considered starchy: banana, rice, sweet potato, pastas, oatmeal. 2-4 servings a day
Fats ( Healthy): Olive oil, avocado (yummy), nuts, peanut butter- 2-3 servings a day
Supplements: Vitamins

Proteins: About the size of your open palm- 3 oz is like a child's palm or deck of cards, 5 oz about adults size.
Carbs: Starchy, the palm of your hand no finger, or fist size.
Veggies: 2 hands open filled
Fats: like a tbsp or 2
Fruit: small to medium size or 1 cup of berries

This weekend assignment are as follows:

Step 1: Clean out all the foods that are not good for you. High saturated fat foods, most processed foods with lard, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugars. All garbage sweets! High fat ice creams, candy, cookies, chips, dips! You know:)

Step 2: Write down the times that you can eat to equal about every 4 hours. Leave this blank till you read the next days posts on meal ideas. Write in there when you will drink water as well.

After you read the next days posts you will be able to create your shopping list and meal plan!!!!!!

Step 3: Create shopping list of foods you need on hand to help you eat clean. Pick a day that you will go shopping and remember that you may need to go to more than 1 store to find what you need. I personally shop at Frutiful Yields, Aldi, Target, Jewel, and Walmart. Depending on the week and what I need.
I take my list and break it down into the store I am going to. I take inventory of my home. What do you need? I then write down everything I need. I transfer that on to the paper and list items that I can get at each store I am going to. I visualize in my head going down each aisle and write the list in the order of the aisle. This is a huge time saver. If you are knew to this, it will take you a couple of weeks to get it down.

My next post will be a shopping list example.
Meal plan example and some ideas on some healthy treats.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating Clean Day 3: No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Sweeteners Please:

I have never liked the taste of fake sugar! Yep, I call it Fake! I hold a very strong policy in my home about this! I have heard people say," I don't eat sugar anymore, or I cut out sugar from my diet", and then I find out it is because they are using artificial sweeteners instead. I have found that for me when I was chewing gum, it would make me more hungry, cause me to feel light headed and trigger migraines! I thought what the heck is this about. AH HA!!! There is aspartame in most gum. Don't be fooled by this like I was. I thought that if I bought regular gum, not sugar free gum that I would be safe. WELL- Nope, The manufacturers put it in all gum, sugar less or not! What is that about anyway! Well, Aspartame can be very addicting and all I say is Oh, No wonder it's in more and more foods these days. Most people think, well, if sugar is bad then I'll use splenda, equal, or sweet n low instead.
I am reading that artificial sweeteners may put us in even greater metabolic danger than sugar or high fructose corn syrup. People were compared in a huge retrospective study that found People that drank one diet soda a day had a 34% greater incidence of metabolic syndrome. 

So Day 3 of Our Clean Eating Challenge:
As you are writing down what you are eating and drinking each day, and what the portions look like. Now I want you to eliminate the Artificial Sugars! Yep, so if you are having Soda- you must cut them out and replace with water! I know this is hard for a lot of you. If you chew gum, no more, if you add to your coffee- add a little regular sugar or Agave Nectar instead.  So this may be the hardest part or easiest part of the challenge. Either way you must do this and move forward!!

If you are having a hard time with this, you may be addicted to the aspartame or other artificial sugars, your body will resist you doing this. Take it a day at a time and drink extra water to help you. You may get a headache and feel with drawl. Be aware that when you make this change it is for the better, but your body has to adjust. Ask for support from those around you. Comment on here that you Will Not have it anymore. Stick to it, check in with me daily and let me know how your doing.
I know you can do it!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eating Clean Day 2

Eating Clean Day 2:

Super Excited to get this going, and so proud of you for taking the time to do this!
Step 1: Journal or Note book- Write down all you are eating for the entire week. It doesn't need to be perfect, just to give you a better perspective of what you are eating!

Assignment for today: Add to the food that your logging down, what the portion size is or what it looks like. For example, a cup is about the size of your closed fist, three ounces of meat or fish are about the size of your open palm, and an ounce of nuts is about a handful.

Make sure you are commenting below to keep me posted!
Thank you See You tomorrow

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eating Clean Get Ready For A New Habit

So it is the Weekend. If you didn't buy your note book yet, go get one. It doesn't need to be fancy, all though if you want one that is fine too. This week you will be starting to log what you are currently eating and how it is making you feel as well. Like when you have a soda, does it give you a headache, heart palpitations, sugar rush, crash in an hour, or what? OR you ate fast food because you were upset, you didn't bring food with you that day? Get the idea?

I am really excited and I look forward to hearing about all the progress that you each will make with this challenge. It is about building the foundation that is needed to make good habits. After all it takes 21 Days to create a Habit. I have done so much research on this way of life, I always am reading and looking into the latest info as well. I have experience with myself as well as others that I have helped. It is not about comparing yourself to others, It is about looking at You now and How and WHY you need to or want to make healthy changes.

So assignment for today is this: Write down Your WHY! It can be one sentence or a paragraph long. It needs to be Real and most important Your Own! For example mine is this: I desire to live a long and healthy life being an example to my children, family, friends and any one I meet. I want to be at a healthy weight that allows my body to burn calories and keep beautiful muscle on it, I choose to eat well to feed my body what is needs in order to function its best. I am a migraine sufferer as well as have hypothyroidism and I need and want to give my body the best foods to help it feel the best it can for a long, loved filled life.
Next: Keep track of what you are eating, drinking. Every time you eat, or drink, and why at the time you are eating what you are eating. Logging it only takes a couple minutes. So remember to write it down, so you don't forget. It doesn't need to be neat, or perfect. Just jot it down to help you know what your choices are and why.

Next: Write in the comments below that you have written your WHY, If you choose share it there with us. You may be helping someone else, by triggering ideas for them. Ask Any questions you have as well.

Have a Blessed Day,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Step 1 to Eating Clean .wmv

Eating clean can be easy if you have a plan. Here is a simple step to start you off right! Yes, I am asking you to right down what you eat!
I have found that when you get real with what you are putting into your body and a daily basis, it becomes Clear to you that some foods may or may not be the best choice for you. This is about creating a habit! It is going to take you 21 days to do! This is your first assignment! Write down all you eat in a journal or notebook for an entire week. Write down any of your questions here below in the comments so that I know what you are doing and I can help answer your questions in a post or video! Each day or week look for new ideas and assingments for you be on your way to Eating Clean!
Now Get to it!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I don't Give Up

I am a big believer in this: All Things Happen For A Reason!
Sometimes we all face days, weeks, months or even years; where we think, feel and believe we are stuck, down and just know we need to find a better way to live, get organized or pull it together once and for all. I totally relate! When your family or yourself is facing financial difficulties, illness or injury it can seem like the longest road you have ever been on. It's like driving up and down the same street looking at the same trees, houses, and people over and over. Nothing new, no season change, no smiles,and no new animals to look at either. WOW! That sounds so depressing! Get me out of this! Do you ever or have you ever felt this way? I know I have and I know my family has. It is in these very moments when God uses me to LEARN something new, or Learn something yet again!
When my husband and I were really struggling financially it was a huge divider in our marriage. We came out stronger and closer than ever. In the middle of it all, it seemed like our marriage, our life together would be over, if one of us would just say so. Well, the Love that God has for us, grew us to love and trust Him and each other again. I am not saying it was easy. As I say with all things that you want to make better in life, it Is Not Easy! Worth it, Yes!!
You see, perseverance and persistence is something that brings a Prize to us, maybe sooner or later for some, but it will come! In my daily time with God, I am constantly reminded that I need to have a Purpose and a Plan, because times can be difficult. For me I have learned the following:

The Purpose: I am to run towards my prize! Run with the purpose to impact people to live an all around Healthy life. This is Physically, Mentally and Spiritually as well as Financially! To be the one that encourages others to reach up and out to not be afraid of taking action to accomplish the things in life they want, desire or have forgotten about. To use the gifts that God has given them to the fullest and never be afraid to fail. Not to get discouraged and give up. Keep on working toward the day when I will be all that Christ Jesus Saved me for!

The Plan: to practice self- control and discipline in my body, Training it with exercise for my Mind, Body and Spirit. This way I can help others do the same. Live my life to please the Spirit. I must forget the past; and strain to reach the end of the race. Focus daily on my Goals in order to reach up and out for others. Set my priorities and stick to them, knowing that they are the reason I am doing what I do each day!!

I think some of you can relate to that, and some of you may still be in the middle of your struggle. I come to you today and say. I too am still struggling, I have learned much and am so excited and happy to be moving forward in my life. Yes, I struggle. This is why I Don't Give Up, and why I stay focused on setting goals and keep my self surrounded with people that are good for me and my family. I am reaching goals and helping more people now then I ever thought possible. God has a plan for me, it is Big, I am working it now and getting closer and closer to the Biggest moment in my life ever. I know it inside me! I see it when I speak to someone and they tell me that we were meant to have met, that I am an answer to a prayer. How Cool is that!! I love it! Humble about it and at the same time shout it out, because my God is Good!!

" Blessed is the man show perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those that Love Him." James 1: 12

For more information on the things I do, visit any of the Tab Pages above!