Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating Clean Day 3: No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Sweeteners Please:

I have never liked the taste of fake sugar! Yep, I call it Fake! I hold a very strong policy in my home about this! I have heard people say," I don't eat sugar anymore, or I cut out sugar from my diet", and then I find out it is because they are using artificial sweeteners instead. I have found that for me when I was chewing gum, it would make me more hungry, cause me to feel light headed and trigger migraines! I thought what the heck is this about. AH HA!!! There is aspartame in most gum. Don't be fooled by this like I was. I thought that if I bought regular gum, not sugar free gum that I would be safe. WELL- Nope, The manufacturers put it in all gum, sugar less or not! What is that about anyway! Well, Aspartame can be very addicting and all I say is Oh, No wonder it's in more and more foods these days. Most people think, well, if sugar is bad then I'll use splenda, equal, or sweet n low instead.
I am reading that artificial sweeteners may put us in even greater metabolic danger than sugar or high fructose corn syrup. People were compared in a huge retrospective study that found People that drank one diet soda a day had a 34% greater incidence of metabolic syndrome. 

So Day 3 of Our Clean Eating Challenge:
As you are writing down what you are eating and drinking each day, and what the portions look like. Now I want you to eliminate the Artificial Sugars! Yep, so if you are having Soda- you must cut them out and replace with water! I know this is hard for a lot of you. If you chew gum, no more, if you add to your coffee- add a little regular sugar or Agave Nectar instead.  So this may be the hardest part or easiest part of the challenge. Either way you must do this and move forward!!

If you are having a hard time with this, you may be addicted to the aspartame or other artificial sugars, your body will resist you doing this. Take it a day at a time and drink extra water to help you. You may get a headache and feel with drawl. Be aware that when you make this change it is for the better, but your body has to adjust. Ask for support from those around you. Comment on here that you Will Not have it anymore. Stick to it, check in with me daily and let me know how your doing.
I know you can do it!!

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