Thursday, January 13, 2011

Step 1 to Eating Clean .wmv

Eating clean can be easy if you have a plan. Here is a simple step to start you off right! Yes, I am asking you to right down what you eat!
I have found that when you get real with what you are putting into your body and a daily basis, it becomes Clear to you that some foods may or may not be the best choice for you. This is about creating a habit! It is going to take you 21 days to do! This is your first assignment! Write down all you eat in a journal or notebook for an entire week. Write down any of your questions here below in the comments so that I know what you are doing and I can help answer your questions in a post or video! Each day or week look for new ideas and assingments for you be on your way to Eating Clean!
Now Get to it!!

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  1. Thanks Dani!! You always keep me on track :)