Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I don't Give Up

I am a big believer in this: All Things Happen For A Reason!
Sometimes we all face days, weeks, months or even years; where we think, feel and believe we are stuck, down and just know we need to find a better way to live, get organized or pull it together once and for all. I totally relate! When your family or yourself is facing financial difficulties, illness or injury it can seem like the longest road you have ever been on. It's like driving up and down the same street looking at the same trees, houses, and people over and over. Nothing new, no season change, no smiles,and no new animals to look at either. WOW! That sounds so depressing! Get me out of this! Do you ever or have you ever felt this way? I know I have and I know my family has. It is in these very moments when God uses me to LEARN something new, or Learn something yet again!
When my husband and I were really struggling financially it was a huge divider in our marriage. We came out stronger and closer than ever. In the middle of it all, it seemed like our marriage, our life together would be over, if one of us would just say so. Well, the Love that God has for us, grew us to love and trust Him and each other again. I am not saying it was easy. As I say with all things that you want to make better in life, it Is Not Easy! Worth it, Yes!!
You see, perseverance and persistence is something that brings a Prize to us, maybe sooner or later for some, but it will come! In my daily time with God, I am constantly reminded that I need to have a Purpose and a Plan, because times can be difficult. For me I have learned the following:

The Purpose: I am to run towards my prize! Run with the purpose to impact people to live an all around Healthy life. This is Physically, Mentally and Spiritually as well as Financially! To be the one that encourages others to reach up and out to not be afraid of taking action to accomplish the things in life they want, desire or have forgotten about. To use the gifts that God has given them to the fullest and never be afraid to fail. Not to get discouraged and give up. Keep on working toward the day when I will be all that Christ Jesus Saved me for!

The Plan: to practice self- control and discipline in my body, Training it with exercise for my Mind, Body and Spirit. This way I can help others do the same. Live my life to please the Spirit. I must forget the past; and strain to reach the end of the race. Focus daily on my Goals in order to reach up and out for others. Set my priorities and stick to them, knowing that they are the reason I am doing what I do each day!!

I think some of you can relate to that, and some of you may still be in the middle of your struggle. I come to you today and say. I too am still struggling, I have learned much and am so excited and happy to be moving forward in my life. Yes, I struggle. This is why I Don't Give Up, and why I stay focused on setting goals and keep my self surrounded with people that are good for me and my family. I am reaching goals and helping more people now then I ever thought possible. God has a plan for me, it is Big, I am working it now and getting closer and closer to the Biggest moment in my life ever. I know it inside me! I see it when I speak to someone and they tell me that we were meant to have met, that I am an answer to a prayer. How Cool is that!! I love it! Humble about it and at the same time shout it out, because my God is Good!!

" Blessed is the man show perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those that Love Him." James 1: 12

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