Friday, February 25, 2011

Tired, Bloated, Jeans Wont Fit?

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How is it possible to feel so yucky? I deal with this just as you do! I have found that when I am eating clean and getting in exercise I feel so much better! I tell you, getting older, having a thyroid issue is not helpful! So what do I do about it. Well, I honestly will tell you that I secretly wish my body would respond the way it did in my 20’s! I know some 20 year olds that have issues as well, but it didn’t hit me until later.  Up 2 lbs., down 2 lbs., up 3! Sound familiar! It is the Bloated Belly Roller Coaster!

When I stick to my eating plan and Shakeology, I swear I feel like new! If I eat crap, I feel like crap. I can eat healthy all day and blow it in the evening, just like you can. I can say, I’ll start next Monday and then not! All of these things most of us have done or are still doing!

What is different now for you? For me: 100% how I feel determines how I am around others. Yep, I know that when I am feeling bloated and my clothes don’t fit, I am not happy! When I can get into my jeans and sit without pressure, it is a good day! How about You?

So, I always tell people,love who you are, except yourself, and be honest at the same time. If you are not healthy in any area, what can you do about it? It has nothing to do with excepting being unhealthy or not, it is about finding BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Balance: For me, I know that nutrition, supplementation and exercise all go together. I have to understand that I am a wife, mom and a business owner. I too have to schedule these things in to my life, as Good Daily Habits! That is why I started the Eating Clean Challenge and why I tell everyone the things I go through. We are all in this together. Sharing how I do it and how I save time is something I get asked all the time.

So I created a bunch of different tabs on here, just for you to look around at. This way you can read what I eat, why I love what I love and Why it works!! Also to see some of my success in different areas of my life. I know I am not perfect, it is balancing and every time I learn something, I want to share it. Take a look at my Healthiest Meal Of The Day, and Eating Clean tabs. These are key areas to go to for my opinion and see what I am doing as well as my updated posts!

Please take a look around! Everything happens for a reason. If I can help you or I have helped you. Please contact me today! I would love to know! The emails I get from people telling me how I have impacted their lives is truly the joy that keeps me going!



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