Saturday, February 12, 2011

What About Almond Milk

Do You Drink Milk? Are you tired of trying to find the right kind for you and your family?

I get so worked up a lot of the time when as consumers we are told something and go for it without really knowing if it is the best choice for us and our family. That is one reason why I am known for telling you like it is, or telling you My Why on what I eat and drink. Is it right for everyone? Maybe, maybe not. I put alot of time into reading and trying what is out there to know what and why I want to have something.

So, here is what I have learned about Almond Milk.
Silk Original Pure Almond Milk has " 60 calories per serving," is " rich in antioxidants," and is "lactose-free and soy-free," according to what the Label says!
So let's break it down: 1 oz. serving of almonds is about two dozen, has 6 grams of Protein and 165 calories! A cup of Almond milk has just 1 gram- far less than the 8 to 9 grams of protein in a cup of cow's milk or the 6 to 8 grams in a cup of soy milk.
Say WHAT? Why?
It is that almond milk DOESN'T have many almonds in it. Looking at the 2 1/2 grams of fat in every serving, a cup of almond milk is made from about Four nuts. The milk itself is mostly water and enough evaporated can juice to supply about two teaspoons of added sugar per CUP! Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze milks are similar to Silk's, except that it comes in a 40 calorie unsweetened version.
It does appeal to Vegans or to people who are allergic to dairy.
I have opted for Protein Rich soy milk for years now personally. Now I am looking into switching that as well, as I am reading about information that it may not be the best for me after all with my thyroid issue.
My main goal here is to let you know that it is important to research info and know what your Really drinking! After all in my opinion it shouldn't have to be only about Taste. I remember many things that were healthier for me that I didn't like the taste of at first, over time and trial I now like them!
You are Worth it, give yourself what you need and be good to yourself!

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