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Build More Income in the Fitness Industry

Being in the Fitness Industry, means you can wear many different hats to help Increase Income. Many choose to be Group Fitness Instructors or Personal Trainers, and many do positions like, working the floor as a service consultant, or as Managers/Directors for Health Clubs or Gyms. Some people  have started and run their own home business as well. Those that choose this career path also have a HUGE Desire to Impact Peoples Lives! A Passion that pushes them everyday to help others be healthy. Does this mean that they don't get to have an equal chance to make a good income or even reach financial success.
 I think Not! I get asked all the time: How Can I Make More Income in the Fitness Industry?

Well, let me answer that for you. First here is a little bit about me and what my history looks like in the Industry.......

Heather and Dani loving -Our Turbo Wear!

Dani having fun during Turbo Kick.


What About Me: I would like to share this part of me with you, so you know that I have had different experiences in this Industry. I've been a Group Fitness Instructor for almost 20 years now and a Personal Trainer for just about as long. I've been in management  for both Co Ed and Women only Health Clubs and Gyms. I have been a Fitness Director, in charge of training and evaluating Instructors. I held the top Personal Training Director Position in over 3 Women's Fitness Clubs.  I now have my Own Home Based Business: Online Marketing in the Fitness Industry! Which has brought me the Top way to reach more people then I ever thought possible.

I forever will Love to teach Group Fitness Classes, this is such  a big part of me, that in the past I did too much of it and had to give up some because of my body saying "NEED BREAK". It is so important to me to show my students that Fitness Can Be Fun and sometimes it may not be easy, but it can be a place to come and release Stress, feel motivated and leave knowing you are not the same as when you came in to class. Most Instructors teach an average of 5-10 classes a week. Also as Trainers, we tend to have to work the Peak times of the day like: Morning, Evening and Weekends. Now we can see why it can be a Struggle for many to Build enough INCOME in the Fitness Industry.
It is also true that Most Instructors and Personal Trainers work a Full Time job and do the Fitness Industry part time. The Passion inside of them is dreaming to be able to do Fitness Full Time! So is this Possible at all? Let's take a look at the OPTIONS!

Most Popular Fitness Job Titles: Ace 2010 Fitness Professional Salary Results:

Full Time:  Personal Trainer: $42,204 annually -$21.42/hr

Part Time:  $18,648 annually - $24.57/hr - Avg. Hrs = 16.38/wk

Full Time: Group Fitness Instructor- $31,963 annually-$17.16/hr
Part Time:  $8,538 annually- $24.05/hr- Avg. Hrs = 7.5/wk

Full Time: Fitness Director: $41,921 annually- $20.19/hr
Part Time: $25,400 annually- $31.69/hr- Avg. Hrs = 23.55/wk

Full Time: Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist: $47,163 annually- $23.58/hr

Part Time: $25,470 annually- $27.19/hr-  Avg. Hrs = 19.17/wk

Full Time: Pilates Instructor: $46,650 annually- $24.00/hr

Part Time: $21,560 annually- $26.57/hr- Avg. Hrs = 15.46/wk

Full Time: Group Fitness Director: $37,226 annually- $18.87/hr

Part Time: $17,450 annually- $18.08/hr- Avg. Hrs = 19.82/wk

Full Time: Club Owner: $80,382 annually- $33.43/hr

Part Time: $35,336 annually-$31.84/hr- Avg. Hrs = 22.18/wk

How about some Options to make more Income in the Fitness Industry:

. Learn to teach a special format: Yoga, PiYo, Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle, Zumba, Pilates, Boxing- so many options here. This can give you the opportunity to earn more per hour as an instructor, or gives you the option of teaching more during the week, depending on the facility that you teach at.

. Add a Personal Trainer Certification:This is something I did, this allowed me to give my body the break it needed while increasing the amount I made per hour, especially if you tap into Group Training. I recommend looking into- AFAA, NASM, or ACE.

. Coaching: Ever hear of the opportunity with Beachbody? This is the Multi-Million dollar fitness company that has created the coaching opportunity for anyone. As a Rep for their products, including P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity and more. This is an Online Marketing Business, helping people Get Healthy and Fit, by just recommending products. And the best part is you can Build a Team! This Opportunity is for anyone ( not just fitness professionals). I just know first hand that it is what Instructors and Personal Trainers do everyday already!
This was a complete fit for me, because of my Passion and Desire to help and encourage others with motivation and inspiration to live a healthy and well life. Also, I could build this Business as Big as I wanted. It is about what is right for me and my family. Having my Own Business without being away from my kids, making my own schedule and working for myself while making more income to help my family is completely- Awesome!!!!

December 29, 2008- December 2009 Beachbody
Coach Rank                                         Average Annual Income
Emerald Rank                                        $2751.00
Ruby Rank                                             $ 9094.00
Diamond                                                $ 21,966.00 ( appro 400/week )
Start Diamond                                        $ 164,166- $930,000

**** Rank are based on the level you are at in the business. I hit Diamond Rank and I am working on climbing everyday!!

I think this Opportunity is Amazing and the Financial Opportunities are Totally AWESOME!! And by the way you receive, 25% OFF all the products! Super Cool!

Connect with me if you would like more information on Personal Training or classes, Joining My Coaching Team or any other questions you have. I truly would love to help you make your Passion for Fitness turn into more Income and a truly fulfilling Career.

See my Success Story:

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