Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lose 8- 10 Lbs in 30 days- Exercise Tips

Exercise Tips:

Walk: I am asking you to make sure you walk as much as possible. Take the stairs, park further away, get outside and walk!!

Lift Weights: Lift weights, use your own body weight and resistance bands- all of the above! Do 3 full body workouts each week! Increasing your lean muscle is a great way to help you see some beautiful definition and also improve how your body burns calories! Burn the fat!!!! Make sure you warm up for about 5 minutes before you start lifting. Aim for low weights or no weights at all if this is your first time ever lifting, and make sure you are cleared by your Dr. too!! Beginners can start with one set per exercise and work up to two to three sets per exercise over time. Here is a big one for me- Pay Attention to your form!! Stay safe. I want you to lift with good form and feel the muscle moving the weight instead of the weight moving you. So control it!! Beginners can start with doing about 15 - 20 reps per exercise set and then as you are able to lift heavier you will adjust your reps as well to around 12-15!
Beginners can also start at 2x a week and add a third workout in the week after you feel you are recovering well. Make sure you have 1- 2 days in between your lifting days to recover! Don't worry those days your doing cardio so you are still exercising! If you are used to working out- Beware of depleting your body to much, make sure you feel good ad have energy to help your body drop the pounds you want to drop! Work hard but don't kill your self! :) A great idea is to hire a Personal Trainer to help you with form and proper intensity for what level you are at. Another idea is to follow a DVD at home; it's often like having a trainer in your living room!

Cardio: Aim for 3 cardio days a week. Beginners can do cardio 3 x a week at about 50% - 60% of your maximum heart rate. Aim for at least 30 minutes. To really help lose fat aim for 60%!! When you get to an intermediate level- now is the time to push harder and get leaner, train at 70% - 80% of MHR.
 Heart Rate: Take 220- Age
this equals your max heart rate.
take this number and multiply it by the % that you are aiming for! This will tell you what number you should aim for for your heart rate!

Pick fun things that you love to do, and some try some new things too! Dance, run, walk, swim, take a class like Turbo Kick, get on an elliptical or treadmill, just pick and do at least 30 minutes! I love Turbo Fire! If you have questions about it, just let me know! I can direct you where to get it and how to implement it into your routine!

One of your cardio days is a Interval Training day: After you warm up do intervals for the next 25- 30 minutes! Use Your heart rate to understand how this works: 1 minute work at about - 65% or MHR, then for 30 seconds crank it up baby and go for about 85% of MHR. Alternate between these 2 for the rest of your time. Be sure to cool down under 65% of MHR for a few minutes after interval is over!

I will be sharing with you all my workouts! So be ready to workout with me if you choose! Otherwise check out a gym near you and see what classes they offer! Or plan walks outside and look around and see if you have bands or weights around that you forgot about. It is worth the investment to get a few things to help you out, but you can also find some used equipment in the paper or websites out there.

I will be posting my workouts too! This way you can see what I am doing!

Comment below with what questions you have about exercises, I will be showing many options for you!

Also check out my YouTube Channel:
I already have up some exercises that you can look into! Like- legs, back and core!!


  1. I used to hate lifting weights now it feels soo good and I see the inches come off!

  2. I tried an interval workout on the treadmill... thought it would be torture but it was fun!
    I alternated between walking/ jogging and increasing the incline. Made the 33 mins zip by faster!

    This A.M. I am down 1.5 lbs! Yippee!!!