Friday, April 1, 2011

Cardio Workout anyone?

Comment below what workout you did today to kick start the 30 Day challenge.
Remember those of you that are in the challenge, every time you comment, your name gets entered into my raffle!! You could WIN a month supply of Shakeology!!! Go!!!


  1. Bummed I couldn't make it to class today. No workout for me today but I am hoping to hit the gym tomorrow!

  2. Dani, I had a great work out today with my personal trainer! He constantly is switching things up and it is never boring. Every time I see him I'm learning more not only about my training but also about my body. I love working out on the machines. I feel so strong after my session.

  3. I did cardioscupt on Friday and tried to up my own intensity level. Today, Saturday I did the turbo kick and pilates.

    Had a lot of neck pain last night and couldn't sleep. I have to watch the amount of weight I am lifting. I'll do more reps to compensate.

  4. boxing with my son!

  5. Dani, I just found out my cholesterol is high (277) compared to 180 three years ago. Time to step up the cardio and change my diet. I'm ready to also try shakeology. Do I order from you or a website?

  6. Lynne,
    HI. Wow, Yes I am so glad you are going to step it up! I am proud of you for doing so! Shakeology helps so many people with lowering cholesterol. Yes, order from me. You can go to my tab above Healthiest meal of the day and it has a link for you to order. If You Order Home Direct you get Free shipping and Free gifts! email me any questions at

  7. My Healthiest Meal: