Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lose 10 lbs in 30 days- What have you been eating?

What are You Eating?
The Top Shelf of my fridge! All White, Organic Eggs, Organic Yogurts ( a variety of plain to a couple of flavors) Cottage cheese and some organic blueberries.
 Being prepared is key to eating healthy! I am reaching out to you to say-
How are you doing? We just started, make sure you are focused on your intention everyday! You may need to refocus every couple of days if you start to feel tempted! Keep going back to the videos and tips to remind you of what you are to do to stay on track!

You can do it!! Watch the video below and comment back with how you are doing so far!!


  1. So true Dani. another point I think is not being afraid to tell people no I am not eating that. I ran into this at work it was a girls B-day and they ordered pizza and salad and I told them no I am not going to eat that. They said well their is salad however the salad had a bunch of stuff in it and walnuts with sodium on it. They just could not understand why I would not eat and thought I was rude.

  2. Hello Danielle~
    I really enjoyed today's post. I have eaten clean for a long time and you are so right about after time, the junk food or processed foods do not taste good or you stop craving them. Even my children go through this process! Our body just knows what we "should" eat and what we should not.
    Bonnie : )

  3. Hey Dani,
    Just got done with boot camp and butt and gut... it really kicked my butt today! Your blogs really are helping me to stay focused... as well as others comments are. Thanks for all the helpful info!