Saturday, April 16, 2011

P90X Workout Couple

Here is one of my Favorite Workout Programs!! I can do this one as an At Home Workout or
At the Gym Workout! It is perfect and leads me through an amazing body shaping, fat burning workout! In this video you will see myself with my husband working Shoulders and Arms!

Comment Below: Let me  know how you are getting in your resistance training at least 3x a week!! Also let me know any questions you have.
Keep up the good work!!!


  1. Which p90x workout video do you recommend that is the most efficient and cost effective?? When you look it up there are multiple dvd's.

  2. Aubrey,
    Hi there, Great question. As a rep for the company that produces P90X I can tell you that P90X comes in a fitness DVD pack and you get 12 workouts, it was designed that way.As a rep I get 25% off, so that saves me a lot. I will send you a private message and we can also talk for a few minutes after class.

  3. Between boxing classes at LA Boxing and megaplex classes I quickly get in my strength training either at home doing px90 or using the machines.