Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 Day Workout Class Challenge!

This Challenge is specifically set up for the member of Elite Fitness In Homer Glen IL.
All right it is time to stay focused and accountable as we get ready to head into Summer!! Its an accountability challenge!!

Pick up your Challenge Card and start keep track of how many group exercise classes you are taking. It is required that you take a least 8 classes in the month of May to qualify for entry into the raffle for prizes!!

Yes you must be a Member of Elite Fitness: Visit: http://www.megaplexcenter.com for more info!

Personal Training Session with Dani 
Nutrition/Fitness Consultation with Dani
Shakeology packets
Slimming Formula
P90X Recovery Formula

Read more about these products in my favorite products Tab or Learn about Shakeology  in my Healthiest Meal of the Day Tab.

I look forward to seeing you in class! Let's Rock out MAY!!!!


  1. Do we need to attend just your classes or anyone's? I'm bummed because I'll miss a whole week!


  2. No worries, Dianne, it is for all the classes on the schedule. You will get them in, you only need 8 for the month! Have a good trip! :)