Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Holiday Tips to keep your weight from going up!

Holidays are approaching quickly! Here are a few tips for you to help you stay on track and help prevent the pounds from going up, hey this might just help you lose a few!!

Ten Tips for you!

Tip 1: NO holiday grazing, Sit and enjoy your meal with your family.

Tip 2: Shopping and  Mall Temptations: Bring food with you, a turkey sandwich, a bag of nuts with some cut up veggies, a protein bar... Taking snacks with you will help you stay away from all the food temptations while you shop!

Tip 3: Use a small plate, it will make you look like you have more food on your plate, but also only allow you to take a little bit of each thing you want, plus keep your portions smaller to help you not over eat!

Tip 4: Baking: Use applesauce instead of sugar!

Tip 5: Eat a healthy breakfast to help you avoid over eating while at parties or gatherings.

Tip 6: Tape the Gym Class schedule to your fridge, it will remind you to workout and to walk away from the temptation of eating again.

Tip 7: The day or night of  your get together wear form fitting clothes, you will be sure to feel what you eat more this way and it will remind you to stop.

Tip 8: Eat slow, it takes twenty minutes to feel full, put your fork down after every bite!

Tip 9: Make this year about Love and family and not about food and desserts.

Tip 10: Don't wait till the first of the year, Get started now so you have the habits already started and in place, so when 2012 starts you really will have something to CELEBRATE!!

Ask yourself today, have you reached your goals that you set at the begining of the year? Are you closer to reaching all financial and health goals this year? If you are that is amazing, if you are not, connect with me today, I am helping many to get started now so 2012 is the year you reach all your goals.

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