Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Bye Thyroid Meds, Hello Better Butt!

YES!!!! Its true I am off my Thyroid medication. You may be thinking, How, why, what, is this possible? I will share a bit with you today on how I did it! I am also transforming my rear end, yes my booty, glutes, butt or whatever you say. Check out my progress pictures below:

I have been working on the proper amount of rest, exercise, food and so much more for all my life, I have been up, down and all over the place from time to time. If you have read any of my other posts or information tabs about me and my other transformation you learned some of the things I have been through. Basically I got in the best shape of my life and then I ended up CRASHING big time. The stress of things in life came at me like a bang and my health was completely stressed. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and ended up having to go on Synthroid. After that I ended up having my Gallbladder removed! Ugh, talk about slow down. But I am determined to keep going, so I recovered and found that with all my research, reading and most important actually doing what I needed to do to see results; I am on my way to my Top Goals! For me those things are: Living life with quality and Balance, feeling good inside and out and shouting it to all to help them do the same, working my business with joy to reach others and help them reach their goals too, while getting closer to having my husband be free from a full time job, loving my family and being an example to my kids, and Walking on Stage for my First Figure Competition!! Oh yeah!!!

What steps have I taken to get off medication? Well it was a process of getting well and learning how to handle stress, as a migraine sufferer it takes time to rest and time is something we all have the same amount of and I learned it is how we each use it. We are all different, but certain things work and I had to stick to them. HABITS and FOCUS!!

Step 1. Eat Well: This means feed your body to live and have energy, not live to eat and feel full and sluggish. I now get to share how to eat well with my team of coaches and clients and I love that it helps them to feel GREAT and see RESULTS!! That is the best feeling ever.
Check out my eating clean tab as well as older posts with videos on tips about how to eat well and see results! Losing Body fat has helped my rear end so much, it show all my hard work.
Step 2. Workout for me: AS a fitness instructor and trainer I can give anyone a kick butt workout and tell them what to do. But nothing gives me the workout I need like when I schedule in my own workout time for what my body needs. I have videos up on this as well on my YouTube channel. Yes, this has helped me transform my booty and see more shape and less fat!  Feel free to view some tips here:
Step 3. Proper Rest: This is something that was Hard for me to do for years, I am a go go go kind of girl. Clean, workout, cook, teach, train, work, work, work, I love it all. Woo hold on, then I crash!! Um, I don't want to sprint and crash, sprint and crash, I want to run in a journey for life, some days hard some days moderate some days easier. I learned that this is key for me, if I don't take time to rest and recover I am not good for anything. I'm not perfect, but I am way better and it shows in my results!
Step 4. Supplement: I had to learn what I need to take in order to feel good and help my body get in what it needs. This for me is a combination of things, surprise its alot of things I have always recommended others to do to see results! So this girl is a product of what she recommends for sure!
Step 5. Plan and Prepare: you must, must, must plan and prepare your week. Write out goals, what you want to accomplish each day and how your going to do it. What do you need to get at the store, and what will you do to make sure you exercise. These are all things I had to make sure I do, after all I tell others to do it, I need to too!

If you would like to learn more about me, my team or starting on my team, or anything fitness related, please look around my blog today and send me a message with any questions. I look forward to connecting with you.
Love Life, Laugh as you Live and Stay Fit,

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  1. Hey nice blog and i really like to work out alot but as i am having a problem in my spine so cant work out properly....