Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shaping This Body and Shedding Fat

Shaping This Body and Shedding Fat!

I am about eight weeks out from my First FIGURE COMPETITION!
I am So Excited! The Results are amazing and I feel Fantastic!

When I started this journey I was bloated, feeling heavier then since I was pregnant and just plain sick and tired of working out and holding on to body fat that I was praying would just be gone when I woke up. HA, Right!! NO Really, I am a Fitness Professional and I know how to work hard and I know what to do to see results. BUT My life stress, illness and on and on was getting in my way! I said, NO way am I going to let this get me down, no way am I going to live my life feeling this way! So I stepped it up, cleaned it out, worked it hard and here I am!! If I listened to people telling me when I was eleven pounds heavier things like this, "What fat where", " you look great", " your crazy you are so fit"; oh my Thank you for saying that, but oh no I know how I want to look and more important how I want to FEEL and LIVE!! Healthy, Well, Fit and Full of Energy!!

So this is me: Dani at Eight Weeks till my first Figure Show!!!

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Love Life, Laugh as You Live and Stay Fit,
Dani Laux


  1. Girllllllllllllllll, YOU look absolutely stunning!!!!!! for the last 3 1/2 weeks I have beeen eating clean for 80% of the time. I have noticed a lot of my puffiness has gone down, I feel better and want to eat EVEN better! But I neeed some serious help on my mommy pooch =(!!! Help! any tips would be greatly appreciated =)!!! XO! Cant wait til the competition, girl!

  2. Wow...you look amazing. I have to tell you, while i have been really badly struggling with my chronic migraines the past few months, about the worst they have ever been, it gives me hope to see how you have fought against them.

  3. Wow Dani you look awesome!!!!