Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tips to Eat Healthy and not Gain Weight on Vacation!

So much food and so much time to eat it!! Is this how we feel when on vacation or what?

Tom and Dani
My husband Tom and I have had a few vacations and we love taking them for sure. I love food and I mean I really love Healthy food with the occasional treats. So when vacation time comes; I think most of us think we will gain weight because we are off our regular schedules and regular eating habits tend to go away for this time. Its weird because most people work so hard before a vacation to lose weight and look better and then come back weighing even more than before they left, or some tell me that they only gained back what they lost before they left. Either way, people tell me that they don't feel good about it!
I have never been someone to just let my healthy eating habits completely go, sure I have gained weight have had treats more than I should and have had to start over too, but I mean I have never not cared or thought about what I put in my body.
So if you want to go on vacation and not gain weight follow some of my tips below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some top tips to help you eat healthy on vacation and not gain weight!

1. Pack meal supplements with you and a small blender too! This will help you when in your hotel room to make a good meal and keep your energy up for all your adventures.

2. When you arrive take a look around at the food choices available to you, get menus and read them and plan out what you can order to stay focused on eating clean. This will help you to plan so you can still eat every 3-4 hours and make the best choices possible in portion sizes.

3. Bring water with you where ever you go!! And Limit alcohol. IF you are going to have a drink, choose a glass of wine or something that isn't loaded with a ton of extra sugar or fat. If you really want one of those kind of drinks count it as your dessert and that means NO DESSERT!!!
Drink plenty of water in between to help stay hydrated and also so you can enjoy the drink and keep enjoying your vacation. :)

4. Walk, Exercise and MOVE!!!!! Keep moving and doing so you are burning more calories!! Check out what exercise options you have, some places have really nice workout areas that you can use while you stay there, hey an extra 30 minutes of working out doesn't take that long and will keep you going!!!

Do you have any tips for vacation eating? Please comment below!!

For more eating clean tips see my Tab above as well as older posts. WHat meal supplements do I use? see my Healthiest Meal tab above!
Thank you!!

Love Life, Laugh as you Live and Stay Fit,

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