Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Figure Transformation and Show Results!

I did it!! I did it!! My Dreams are coming true!

Check out my video above. It shows you where I was at when I decided to compete in my First Figure Competition.

If you have read some of my old posts then you know how much this dream meant to me! IN a nut shell I have been in the fitness industry for almost twenty years and I have always wanted to compete in Fitness or Figure!! Well years ago financially and medically I just couldn't! Moving forward in life and getting in the best shape of my life happened about four years ago using programs like P90X and my own workouts as well as eating clean! After this I crashed and ended up being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and also my migraines were out of control on top of abdominal pain that required my diseased gallbladder to be removed. UGH!!! Weight Gain!!! 12 pounds up and body fat went from 15% to I think 26%!!!! BOOOO!! What a battle. I added in Shakeology after my surgery and started feeling better, I just kept battling the weight up 3 down 4 up 2 down 2!! Can you relate??

It was time to focus on my goals for my Fitness level again!! As well as re visit a dream. One of my friends did her first competition and took 2nd place, the fire was lite under me to do it too. Yeah, Keneese McNamer!!! Forever thankful for you girl! During all of this journey I have been growing my business by adding in more online consulting as well as Growing a team of coaches through the business opportunity from Beachbody!! Thank God!! From Beachbody alone I Financially am at a point where I make more money in about ten hours a week then my hubby does working his full time job. WOW!!! Yes, its possible and all from helping others reach their goals and directing them with a Solution! I share this with you because this is how I was able to Compete!
Taking on a competition is expensive! There are lots of workouts, lots of food, suits, shoes, tan, makeup, nails, figure coaches and of course being able to enter in to a show cost money too! So yah!!! I am doing it!!

I started this journey in October of 2011 and I decided to add some help to my goals so I got involved with a figure coach in January of 2012. Her name is Staci Boyer, she has an amazing book out called Motiv8n'U and I read it and felt we had a lot of similar ideas and goals and passions. I hired Staci to help me put more together to reach my goals. Just like people hire me to help them, I as well need to have help too! :)
So I became part of her team called Team Fab. Check it out at:

My first Figure Competition was on March 31st 2012. It was the Mid Illinois Figure and Bodybuilding Championships, NPC, in Ottawa IL. I placed in my height class! Class C: 3rd Place!!!
I am very happy about this and I look forward to doing better and better!!
My next show is this Saturday April 7th 2012. This is a natural show, Yah me, I am all natural!! It is at the Bolingbrook High school in Bolingbrook IL. Come on out and cheer me on!!

Thank you to all my family, friends, fellow Beachbody Coaches, Lori McGraw my friend and training partner, My Team Fab girls. My heart is saying most of the thanks gos out to my husband Tom and my kids for living with me during this time of complete dedication!! My Mom and Dad for always being here for me and yes my family's love and support you all know who you are. I thank God everyday for you all and for this dream being real in my life!!!

Love Life, Laugh as You Live and Stay Fit!!

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  1. awesome job Danielle! You looked great on Day one in October, and to add muscle and lose the minimal amount of fat you had takes serious dedication adn work. Good job!!!! :)