Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bikini Fit Happening Here!

Wow, I am in a rush of thoughts about my upcoming competition. Yes, I competed for the first time this year in the Figure division and I am now deciding to compete in Bikini. Why the change? Well, since the start of my dream I always wanted to do Fitness, to take my energy and push it through on the stage and rock it out. Now that I am older and have some injuries and medical issues I decided to go for Figure, I think I did pretty good with two Third place and one Fifth place trophies. I was told when I started Figure training that I have the kind of body that would do really well in Bikini, or figure or fitness. This is really awesome and nice to hear, I just know it comes down to what I really want to do. Right?? I am going through some more medical things and decided to end the year with a FUN Bikini End!!! So here I go, I am doing the Iron Man on Nov 3rd 2012!!!! AHHHH. I started this journey with about 7 weeks to get ready. So this mean lots of action on my part for sure. I may decide to do another show in Nov too. Not sure yet. Anyway, its  my mission to have a Blast while doing this. I am taking this journey with two of my awesome friends Keneese and Lori, they are doing different categories, and it will be great to all be there together. I am also getting help from my friend and Posing coach Staci Boyer, she helped me before and is amazing, so of course I am with her again. I have to tell you this, I went to Staci's Fitness show and it was awesome, she sparked the desire in me to want to do a fitness routine still, so I am setting a goal to give it a go in 2013. I may have some injuries but I believe I can work around them to make this other dream come true.

OK, so if you don't know from my about me tab or my other posts, I am a Migraine sufferer. They effect me in many ways, I am also going through some testing for my pituitary gland to see whats going on there, and I have a lump that needs to be removed in my breast. Why do I tell you this, Because I am all about showing, teaching, helping, lifting up, inspiring and helping other women know that they can go through struggles and be successful. :) So I am sharing this with you, my journey while I go through this and deal with my medical stuff, I will never use it as an excuse, just a truth to what I have to deal with on a regular basis in my life. I hope that it helps you to never give up on a dream and to always know that you can do anything when you just keep trying.

 So here I am at the start, my lower abdomen since my gallbladder surgery just hasn't been the same, I have always had pretty good obliques from teaching Turbo Kick and doing Turbo Fire at home, I have gone up in weight and down and I feel that I live to not be skinny, after all I have natural curves and no matter what I weigh this butt, and hips are always there. LOL. Its actually my love hate area if that makes sense.  I actually don't like the word skinny. I love the word fit and strong, I live for that inside and out, not about what I weigh. Competing is about so many things to different people. For me its something I truly get to do where when I walk on stage I feel amazing, I am thankful to be able to do it, and I 100% have the motivation to inspire other women to know that you can do anything you set your mind too. It may not be competing for you, it may be something else and that is totally cool. I hope my journey helps you in some way. I am doing cardio each day or about 5-6 x a week, I teach some and do the rest either on a piece of equipment or Turbo Fire at home, or walk/run outside when my ankle can hang in there. I am focusing on splitting up my weight training and doing about 2 muscle groups together. I add in Plyometrics based off of how my back/hip and ankle are feeling and find that some days I can add it in more than others.
I am eating about every 3 hours and keeping it very well balanced and rotating some carbs, as my body loses muscle if I cut to many out. I do supplement with Beachbody Slimming Formula, Shakeology and Protein Powders. I also drink Distilled water, which is what I always recommend even to my clients and the coaches that are part of my fitness business team.

Posing is fun and when you do Bikini you can really show your personality. Well, have you ever taken one of my fitness classes? I hope you can come out for the competition and be part of the fun and excitement.
I am starting my posing practice with Staci this Friday and will be able to share more pictures and videos of my practice with you.
I am also on the hunt for a suit. I love purple so that will probably be my color choice.

There are many things that as competitors we have to focus on and I think that when the fun is taken out of it, well, why do it. That is me anyway, I can be pretty serious and I am very much a tell it like it is woman and like things a certain way, I just have learned that joy, fun, love and smiles is so good in this crazy world, so why not spread more of that around. I have many women that I look up to that compete as well as don't, the dedication with all they do is a true test and the positive mind frame no matter what is something we each have!!

I hope to hear from you, comment below, keep checking in for my progress.
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  1. Good Luck on your next show!! I am totally motivated and hoping to finally bite the bullet and do it next year. Thanks for the motivation.