Saturday, November 10, 2012


Getting Fit With Dani Laux: Holiday Big Contest-

I am running a Big Contest, read all you need to do below for a chance to WIN!!!!
This time of year is when people love to give gifts and also receive gifts, So I am giving a GREAT GIFT AWAY for FREE!!!! You do need to do a few things in order to qualify, so keep reading!

WIN: 2 months of Online Nutrition and Fitness Consulting Worth: $296.00
This is 2 months of a customized programed designed just for you by Dani Laux!!

Starts November 10th 2012- December 10th 2012
 1: Subscribe to my blog: and post on your Face book page that you have subscribed and share my link for others. This will get you started!! Make sure we are friends on Face book, if not send a request with a message. You all must message me to let me know you are participating, so I can log your name and keep track of your points.
2. After you have finished step one you are ready to earn your points towards the Big Prize!!
You Must Post a Picture of yourself doing a healthy habit, like eating a clean balanced meal, or preparing one or one you have prepared, working out, drinking Shakeology, exercising, taking a class, what you view as healthy habits, be creative and CLEAN!! You must put on the picture TWO THINGS:
****Thankful For and Getting Fit with Dani Laux (see my example pic above)****
You must TAG ME in your photo and make sure it shows on my Profile page! In the post, write out what your picture shows and what or why you are thankful for the healthy habit! This will give you 1 point per Post with Picture. Remember the Rules- pictures without the words or tag DON'T COUNT!! 
For an extra Point you can post if its a tip you learned from myself and share what I said that made it click for you and what helped you take action with it in your life!!! 
So you can earn 1-2 points per post with picture. 

You can post 1-3 posts with pictures a day! Max of 3 ONLY!! 

Get Started Today and the Person with the most Points WINS!!!

Rules for Prize: You will have the choice of keeping the 2 months for yourself or keeping one month for you and giving the other month to a friend!! It is worth $296 total. This is a customized/recommended meal plan for you and a fitness program designed based off of your goals and fitness level.

Now Go and Get Started!!!!!

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