Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to look your best in that Holiday Dress

Look Your Best In that Holiday Dress:

We all want to look and feel our best!! What are some things we can do that makes us actually look a bit slimmer than we really are? These tips help many ladies this time of year and actually all year long too. I believe in taking care of our selves as much as possible and doing what we need to do in order to feel great on the inside and look great on the outside; sometimes we need a little extra help especially when we want to look Amazing on a night or day out for the HOLIDAY!
Eating Clean and getting in our workouts is the top way to help for how we feel and look, I know when I feel great it really helps with looking good. I may not always be dressed up, but its sure is fun, and I know I do like to look my best when I go out anywhere for that matter. How about you?

1. I tend to have clothes in my closet that I need to get rid of, they have lost the shape they once had and I have to do a clean out for good will at least one time a year. Wear clothing that looks good on you, does this mean you always have to where jeans or a skirt? No, even a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt can look cute or not so cute if you know what I mean. Do the clothes you pick make you look slimmer or bigger than you are? This is usually a good way to tell if you should where it or not. I where clothes that are baggy and some that are tighter depending on what I am doing, but some baggy is super cute and looks great and some just don't fit or flatter. Choose what makes you look a little slimmer is usually a good pick.
Choosing a good neck line is a good choice, a v shape neck line helps to lengthen and causes attention to go upward verses downward. What do you prefer? Are you picking a top that will show your hard work in your waist line or something too baggy that hides that? Think about a few of these things and what you feel best in. It isn't always about having to where what someone else says or what fashion says is in, but what you put on and how you want to express your personality or own style. If looking your best is your desire you may have to step out of what you have been comfortable in and realize that a new way may be just what you have been waiting for. So when it comes to that Holiday dress, choose the top and bottom to have the same color, and be sure to accentuate the waist to give a great hour glass shape. Wear heels this makes our calves and thighs tone and look amazing. If you are not in an exact size dress yet, get the bigger size and go have it altered.

2. Any one want some Spanx? I have heard women that I think are in fabulous shape talk about how every  women needs Spanx. We all are not at competitor weight or day at the beach weight all year long right?
If you put on the spanx under your outfit for the evening you will see what I mean, sometimes its just the little hold in that has you feel better and not worry about a little bump showing that maybe or maybe isn't there all year long. I don't wear these very often but I have a time or two!!

3. Do you tan? getting a nice tan helps you look leaner. Cellulite isn't as noticeable with a tan. I tend to preper sunless tanning, find a nice golden glow that looks nice on you and doesn't give you a streaky fake color.
Try some self tanners at home and find what color looks best on you. Or go get a spray on tan or a professional air brush tan. Air brush tan can be done on your own too if you have purchased an at home system. I recommend you shave and exfoliate to help with the process so your tan will look its best. Be ready with your tan about 2-3 days before your event.

4. Hair and makeup and a little whiter teeth: Getting a trim or some highlights or color in your hair is a great way to look your best. Make up doesn't need to be a lot, if you like more dramatic for evenings outs like me, than have fun with it, but most of the time less is more. The top places to check are making sure your eyebrows are shaped nicely and you have some color on your cheeks as well as a great mascara to help make your eyes look amazing. I also love a great little lip gloss with a touch of color. Make sure your teeth are white if you where a darker lip gloss, there are great ways to give you a fresher whiter smile in a few days or even one day. Whitening strips, tooth paste and more can help make your teeth whiter.

The last thing I have to say is your confidence is your sure way to look your best!! When you walk into a room, stand up tall and have an amazing smile on your face. Be YOU times 10!! Make eye contact with others and ask them questions about their lives, be truly interested in what they are telling you and smile at them and ask them to tell you more. You will find that you will then FEEL as good as you LOOK!!

Happy Holidays to you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS,
Dani Laux

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