Friday, August 23, 2013

Turbo Fire Slim Down

Turbo Fire Slim Down:

The Slim Downs I run bring results, the women that do these get amazing accountability and see results in many areas most lose 5-20 lbs in 21days!!!! As a Mom I know how my time gets filled up quick. Working my business and taking care of my family means I need workouts that bring results and work with  my busy life. Turbo Fire is one of My favorites.

Are you looking to lose weight and inches, get in amazing shape before the holiday season starts? Kids just went back to school and its time for us to move more and feel great!!! I coach you for FREE, you Invest in your health with the Turbo Fire Challenge pack that is on Sale right now in August. You will get the Turbo Fire Fitness DVD's and Shakeology for your nutritional needs as well as a Meal Plan!!! I have a private Face Book group to help coach you and give you awesome accountability, encouragement and motivation. Fun Tips, Videos and even prizes a long the way!!!

WE start Sept 2nd!!!! Message me today for your spot! I am taking 5 new customers to do this challenge!!

See my page above on Slim Downs, and you can see a lot of the testimonials too! :)         Shop and Challenge Packs for Turbo Fire!!!

Lets get the Fire Started: I look forward to helping you get started,

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ultimate Dream Body- 28 Day Test Group

Clean Eating for the Elite- a 28 day Test Group to get your Ultimate Dream Body!
Peel off those last 10 lbs!!

Read to take it to the next level with nutrition and see Amazing Results? Get your Ultimate Dream Body in 28 days! This is open to all my customers and coaches on our team Beyond Fit as well as Dream Extreme!! I have trained and designed many programs for coaches on our team and also for our customers, I come from a point of view of do what works and follow the plan, while I also customize each persons plan based off of goals and any issues that they have like allergies and such. I do promote health and not just weight loss, so my approach is to get you to be as healthy as possible while you lose weight and make changes to your body that you want. This Test Group is all about the ELITE!! Those of you ladies that are ready for Serious Results, you have no more excuses and you want to do all you can to see and feel RESULTS in 28 days!!!

Learn my top tips on how to get amazing results!! This Test Group starts on August 26th and will go through September 22nd 2013. Regular cost for nutrition consulting is $99 a month! Get in now with a group discount at 30% OFF!!! That is $69 a person. So you need you and 2 more to get started! Spread the word with your teams and see who is ready!

Includes: Webinar to help you get started, meal plan with customized changes during the 28 days with some recipes too, accountability group on Face Book, Video Tips and if your local a Shopping Trip to learn how to shop, All will be on video as well if your not local, so you can learn and I will have cooking and meal prep tips as well.
Optional and or additional fees:  will be coming to take my live workouts at Elite Fitness in Homer Glen!
Your purchase of all food and supplements! Yes: Shakeology is on the meal plan!

MUST: You must workout 6 days a week. With Cardio and weight training! Take before and after pics, weight and measurements that you will allow me to use and share along with a Testimonial at the end of the 28 days.
This is a Test Group so you are getting 30% off of the regular price to get started.

I am taking 5 groups of 3 Each so grab your team of 3 now!! Message me today!

***** When you have your Team of Three please each person Pay Pal me to secure your spot on the team. to Please see the Pay Pal button on top right of Home page for your link for payment for this plan. Eating Clean For the Elite Plan.
After your payment is made for $69 per person, message me your goals, I will be adding you to the group page and then there will be instructions for you with what info I need from you.
I look forward to serving you,
  Thank you,

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Day Belly Blast

Are you READY to Break a Weight Plateau? Hit a New Weight Loss Goal? 
PLEASE READ all the way through post- I'm running a 5 day Belly Blast Test Group! Looking for those that WILL Seriously Do this with me for 5 Days to Lose pounds and or inches. Starting July 29th!!
- Includes Meal Plan, you can do whatever workout you choose, YOU MUST workout everyday, 5 days of Shakeology which you will purchase through me $25 and Accountability from a Team! I will require you to send me your before and after numbers with a short testimony about your results.
This is for my customers (not coaches) and my coaches customers as I am only taking a limited number of people! If you WANT in, Message me where your at now in your Health/Fitness Journey and how This can Help you!
I am a busy mom and my last competition prep was last year for my November Competition. As a fitness professional I do focus on my fitness and health all year round, I just know that at certain times I take a little break and don't train as hard. I am a migraine sufferer and I need breaks and rest so I can keep going. I also know that eating clean and working out keep me going as well, I just like to plan and work hard and them rest or Re Set my mind, body and soul and then begin again. So I am kicking off a 5 Day Belly Blast and If I do this will you do it with me? 
Find me on Facebook: http:/ 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beyond Fit with Focus T 25

Do you find your self saying that Time is the biggest reason you don't get your workout in? Well, look out cause no more Excuses. As a mom, I am busy too!! WE can let the day get away from us for sure. Maybe you work and run the household!!! This is a great way for you to get in your time for you to be healthy, lose weight and feel better!!! If I do this with you, Will you do it? I am looking for a few that are serious about taking time for themselves to get in a great workout just 5 days a week for 25 minutes. YOU Can do it!!! I can too!!! I can do it, so can you!!! When I think about how much of an impact on my kids lives I make each day, I know that taking time for me to be fit and healthy is a setting a great example for them. Its not about having the perfect body or schedule, its about setting a little time a side each day to get this workout in and start to see and feel the difference, hey even get the kids to do it with you! I know I am going to do that.
You can very well change your body in this time frame as well, if this is what you would like to do.

It's time to get Focus with Shaun T's new program called Focus T 25! I was able to workout with Shaun T at our Beachbody Summit this June and let me tell you this program Rocks!!! I was feeling it, and the best part was we moved the whole twenty five minutes and it flew by!!!! I love that it has a modifier for those of us that need to not jump or go to the floor, this is a great way to still workout and not hurt any area you need to be careful with.


My Team is getting a Challenge started on July 22nd. Perfect because right now Focus T 25 is on SALE!! That's right you can SAVE $70!!! WHAT??? Yes, right now through July 31st you can get the Focus T 25 in a challenge pack with SHakeology for only $180!!!!!
To get started if your not sure if I am your coach, message me, or you can order at link below.

One of my coaches Christina Vitone, has already been doing the Focus T25 as a Test and is doing great, already down 8 lbs.

Message me on face book: 

I am taking FIVE NEW People in my Next challenge so grab your spot now!!

Spots are getting filled, serious about starting message me now!!! 

Thank you

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bikini Fit Slim Down

The Bikini Fit Slim Down is not just about getting into a Bikini this summer, its also about helping you Feel and Just look darn right amazing. 

The Ladies that participate in this 30 day challenge see and feel amazing results! You can check out some of the results in the Slimming Secrets Tab above! 

I often find women want to reach out and ask how can they lose weight and inches as well as how should they be eating to reach their goals. I also find that a certain amount of them are ready and serious and some really want to start and then talk them selves out of it over some fear that comes to mind. Fear can really keep you where you are now and hold you there forever if you let it. WE all have different goals and some of us have similar goals. Don't let a word like bikini scare you away, seriously some of us want to wear one and some of us don't. It doesn't matter, just doing what we need to do to be healthy is what matters. I just have to say that if you do want to get in one, there is nothing wrong with that. Go girl!!! and if you don't care about one but want to fit in smaller clothes and feel and look great, well heck yeah go girl too!! 

So the question is, will you continue to hold yourself back, or will you reach out and do something that will help you! It's not about perfect, I actually cringe when I hear that word, it actually really makes me upset, something from the past that someone said that make me realize that they don't know me at all! Sad yes, but it made me rethink and look at my life and ask others to evaluate me and see if any part of what I do as a Fitness Professional was telling people that I live perfect. So, I say again its not about perfection, it is about a learning process and being teachable and knowing that we can all do better to be healthy and also help our children learn and do as well. Enough said about that. 

Investing in you!! YES, I said it! It will cost you some money! Honestly if you pay a personal trainer like my self either monthly or per session it can cost you $99 a month up to $75 an hour. I love to give options to ladies and show them hey another way is out there. 
This is why for my Slim Downs that I run for my Team of coaches and our customers, I include my Meal planning! This is a great way to help with nutrition accountability. So yes, I will ask you to invest about $160-$205 to get started. This gives you a Fitness Program and Shakeology. The Fitness Program will take you through months of training! Its So Worth IT! Hey if I train you 2x that is about that same cost. 

So is this the Summer you are going to push through the fear and stop procrastinating and just GET STARTED? 
I am here for you!! Look into the Tabs above to learn more options and message me today! 

WE Start the Next Slim Down June 3rd. Do you want a spot? You will need to get your Challenge Pack this week to get ready! Message me now. 

Thank you
Love Life, Laugh as you Live and Stay Fit, 
Dani Laux 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Five Day Kick Start Challenge Results

Five Day Kick Start Challenge Results!

WE did it!! The five day kick start was a success!! I am so excited to post a little bit of the results from some of our participants! This was a Free Challenge that  my team hosted to help others get a kick off for eating clean and making new habits that will stick for living a healthy life!!

We all shared our meals in posts and pictures on face book. It was great to see so much encouragement and progress each day!!

Here is what some of the ladies that participated had to say!!

" I am loving this, feel great, have lots of energy, easy to follow and down 6 lbs in 5 days. Not craving "crap" love the encouragement and meal ideas, this is like magic. I can't believe that something is finally working. Thank you very much." - Rosemary Gschwind

"I lost 2 lbs" - Shaunna Travis Doherty

" I lost 4 lbs since Monday" - Melissa Berni McNally

" I lost 7 lbs" - Chrissie Staunton

" lost 7 lbs, loved the meal ideas, what a creative group of women." - Cindy Eimermann Lagos

" lost 2 lbs in five days pretty good" - Pam Wilson

" I am down 4 lbs" - Lisa J Myslinkski-Shemroske

" Lost 4 lbs, working hard too, not bloated, stomach flatter! - Melissa Michelic Martin

" Down 8.4 lbs, feeling good and in shock and amazement that it was this easy, I'm not hungry and I love food" - Crystal Lynn Bennett

These are just some of the posts we are seeing, many more are coming in as we had a few start the plan  a couple of days later.

We are now getting ready to start our next challenge.

Message me today to get a spot!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get Organized to Get Fit!

Getting Fit is something most of us want to do. Or even stay fit!!
Taking steps to improve your organization skills will for sure help you with reaching your goal of getting fit! First determine what getting/being fit means to you! For me it is not just physical, it is mentally, financially, spiritually and so on!! Here are my tips to help you get organized for getting FIT!! You choose the area you need to focus on the most, I find that they all go together! So I highly recommend using them all to help you in each area.

1. Ready Set Goals: Get a note book and pencil and start to write down what you want to accomplish this year when it comes to being more fit. Write it all out and then you can start to use this as your guide when scheduling your months and weeks and days. You will see the Big picture of your goals and this will help you to put your need to dos into smaller goals each week and day to help you reach the goal of Getting Fit!!

2. Take Action: What steps do you need to take in order to start? Here is what I recommend- what workout will you do and where, what foods will you eat, what do you need to clean out of the fridge/pantry. What will you do for accountability, how will you stop self sabotage and how will you keep going if you lose a little motivation one day??? These are all things that we all deal with! Your not alone. If you need a gym go join one, if you need a home workout ask I can guide you to one. Clear out a small spot to workout at home, you don't need a lot of equipment either.
A. Get into an accountability group or get an accountability partner. This can be a trainer, friend doing it with you, a coach, a family member; just make sure they are supportive and not the ones putting anything negative in your ear. I hold Slim Down groups each month to help women with accountability, meal planning, fitness guidance, motivation and more and its for sure helpful to all. So what will you do to take action? What do you need to look up, research or learn?? START!! ASK!!

3. Now GO: Clean it out, throw it out, order it, join, participate, decide, commit!! Keep a daily list of what you will do each day to get you closer to your goal of getting fit. The top three things should be what will help you the most. Like: workout to Turbo Fire for 15 minutes, prepare all meals and eat them every 3 hours, check in with accountability group and tell them what I did to stay on track today.

4. Stick to it: we all have things that we go back to. Old habits that keep us where we are and don't help us move forward to our goal of getting fit. Staying on track with your list daily will help you to not go back to the old habits. You are creating new ones and that is great. Getting organized is a skill like many other things. Sure some people are better at it then others, just remember when it comes to something that you want bad enough you will do what it takes. No Excuses. Life is busy for everyone. We can make a difference and do better. Place your list where you will see it everyday. I have learned these things from years of reading, studying and doing. One person that I learned alot from is Chalene Johnson and she has a book out called Push! This is where you will find alot of the tips that I use and Way more too. So stick to it and you will find that getting organized is the key to getting fit in all areas of your life.

Love Life Laugh as you Live and Stay Fit,
Dani Laux