Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get Organized to Get Fit!

Getting Fit is something most of us want to do. Or even stay fit!!
Taking steps to improve your organization skills will for sure help you with reaching your goal of getting fit! First determine what getting/being fit means to you! For me it is not just physical, it is mentally, financially, spiritually and so on!! Here are my tips to help you get organized for getting FIT!! You choose the area you need to focus on the most, I find that they all go together! So I highly recommend using them all to help you in each area.

1. Ready Set Goals: Get a note book and pencil and start to write down what you want to accomplish this year when it comes to being more fit. Write it all out and then you can start to use this as your guide when scheduling your months and weeks and days. You will see the Big picture of your goals and this will help you to put your need to dos into smaller goals each week and day to help you reach the goal of Getting Fit!!

2. Take Action: What steps do you need to take in order to start? Here is what I recommend- what workout will you do and where, what foods will you eat, what do you need to clean out of the fridge/pantry. What will you do for accountability, how will you stop self sabotage and how will you keep going if you lose a little motivation one day??? These are all things that we all deal with! Your not alone. If you need a gym go join one, if you need a home workout ask I can guide you to one. Clear out a small spot to workout at home, you don't need a lot of equipment either.
A. Get into an accountability group or get an accountability partner. This can be a trainer, friend doing it with you, a coach, a family member; just make sure they are supportive and not the ones putting anything negative in your ear. I hold Slim Down groups each month to help women with accountability, meal planning, fitness guidance, motivation and more and its for sure helpful to all. So what will you do to take action? What do you need to look up, research or learn?? START!! ASK!!

3. Now GO: Clean it out, throw it out, order it, join, participate, decide, commit!! Keep a daily list of what you will do each day to get you closer to your goal of getting fit. The top three things should be what will help you the most. Like: workout to Turbo Fire for 15 minutes, prepare all meals and eat them every 3 hours, check in with accountability group and tell them what I did to stay on track today.

4. Stick to it: we all have things that we go back to. Old habits that keep us where we are and don't help us move forward to our goal of getting fit. Staying on track with your list daily will help you to not go back to the old habits. You are creating new ones and that is great. Getting organized is a skill like many other things. Sure some people are better at it then others, just remember when it comes to something that you want bad enough you will do what it takes. No Excuses. Life is busy for everyone. We can make a difference and do better. Place your list where you will see it everyday. I have learned these things from years of reading, studying and doing. One person that I learned alot from is Chalene Johnson and she has a book out called Push! This is where you will find alot of the tips that I use and Way more too. So stick to it and you will find that getting organized is the key to getting fit in all areas of your life.

Love Life Laugh as you Live and Stay Fit,
Dani Laux

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