Saturday, March 16, 2013

Five Day Kick Start Challenge Results

Five Day Kick Start Challenge Results!

WE did it!! The five day kick start was a success!! I am so excited to post a little bit of the results from some of our participants! This was a Free Challenge that  my team hosted to help others get a kick off for eating clean and making new habits that will stick for living a healthy life!!

We all shared our meals in posts and pictures on face book. It was great to see so much encouragement and progress each day!!

Here is what some of the ladies that participated had to say!!

" I am loving this, feel great, have lots of energy, easy to follow and down 6 lbs in 5 days. Not craving "crap" love the encouragement and meal ideas, this is like magic. I can't believe that something is finally working. Thank you very much." - Rosemary Gschwind

"I lost 2 lbs" - Shaunna Travis Doherty

" I lost 4 lbs since Monday" - Melissa Berni McNally

" I lost 7 lbs" - Chrissie Staunton

" lost 7 lbs, loved the meal ideas, what a creative group of women." - Cindy Eimermann Lagos

" lost 2 lbs in five days pretty good" - Pam Wilson

" I am down 4 lbs" - Lisa J Myslinkski-Shemroske

" Lost 4 lbs, working hard too, not bloated, stomach flatter! - Melissa Michelic Martin

" Down 8.4 lbs, feeling good and in shock and amazement that it was this easy, I'm not hungry and I love food" - Crystal Lynn Bennett

These are just some of the posts we are seeing, many more are coming in as we had a few start the plan  a couple of days later.

We are now getting ready to start our next challenge.

Message me today to get a spot!!

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