Monday, May 27, 2013

Bikini Fit Slim Down

The Bikini Fit Slim Down is not just about getting into a Bikini this summer, its also about helping you Feel and Just look darn right amazing. 

The Ladies that participate in this 30 day challenge see and feel amazing results! You can check out some of the results in the Slimming Secrets Tab above! 

I often find women want to reach out and ask how can they lose weight and inches as well as how should they be eating to reach their goals. I also find that a certain amount of them are ready and serious and some really want to start and then talk them selves out of it over some fear that comes to mind. Fear can really keep you where you are now and hold you there forever if you let it. WE all have different goals and some of us have similar goals. Don't let a word like bikini scare you away, seriously some of us want to wear one and some of us don't. It doesn't matter, just doing what we need to do to be healthy is what matters. I just have to say that if you do want to get in one, there is nothing wrong with that. Go girl!!! and if you don't care about one but want to fit in smaller clothes and feel and look great, well heck yeah go girl too!! 

So the question is, will you continue to hold yourself back, or will you reach out and do something that will help you! It's not about perfect, I actually cringe when I hear that word, it actually really makes me upset, something from the past that someone said that make me realize that they don't know me at all! Sad yes, but it made me rethink and look at my life and ask others to evaluate me and see if any part of what I do as a Fitness Professional was telling people that I live perfect. So, I say again its not about perfection, it is about a learning process and being teachable and knowing that we can all do better to be healthy and also help our children learn and do as well. Enough said about that. 

Investing in you!! YES, I said it! It will cost you some money! Honestly if you pay a personal trainer like my self either monthly or per session it can cost you $99 a month up to $75 an hour. I love to give options to ladies and show them hey another way is out there. 
This is why for my Slim Downs that I run for my Team of coaches and our customers, I include my Meal planning! This is a great way to help with nutrition accountability. So yes, I will ask you to invest about $160-$205 to get started. This gives you a Fitness Program and Shakeology. The Fitness Program will take you through months of training! Its So Worth IT! Hey if I train you 2x that is about that same cost. 

So is this the Summer you are going to push through the fear and stop procrastinating and just GET STARTED? 
I am here for you!! Look into the Tabs above to learn more options and message me today! 

WE Start the Next Slim Down June 3rd. Do you want a spot? You will need to get your Challenge Pack this week to get ready! Message me now. 

Thank you
Love Life, Laugh as you Live and Stay Fit, 
Dani Laux 

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