Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beyond Fit with Focus T 25

Do you find your self saying that Time is the biggest reason you don't get your workout in? Well, look out cause no more Excuses. As a mom, I am busy too!! WE can let the day get away from us for sure. Maybe you work and run the household!!! This is a great way for you to get in your time for you to be healthy, lose weight and feel better!!! If I do this with you, Will you do it? I am looking for a few that are serious about taking time for themselves to get in a great workout just 5 days a week for 25 minutes. YOU Can do it!!! I can too!!! I can do it, so can you!!! When I think about how much of an impact on my kids lives I make each day, I know that taking time for me to be fit and healthy is a setting a great example for them. Its not about having the perfect body or schedule, its about setting a little time a side each day to get this workout in and start to see and feel the difference, hey even get the kids to do it with you! I know I am going to do that.
You can very well change your body in this time frame as well, if this is what you would like to do.

It's time to get Focus with Shaun T's new program called Focus T 25! I was able to workout with Shaun T at our Beachbody Summit this June and let me tell you this program Rocks!!! I was feeling it, and the best part was we moved the whole twenty five minutes and it flew by!!!! I love that it has a modifier for those of us that need to not jump or go to the floor, this is a great way to still workout and not hurt any area you need to be careful with.


My Team is getting a Challenge started on July 22nd. Perfect because right now Focus T 25 is on SALE!! That's right you can SAVE $70!!! WHAT??? Yes, right now through July 31st you can get the Focus T 25 in a challenge pack with SHakeology for only $180!!!!!
To get started if your not sure if I am your coach, message me, or you can order at link below.

One of my coaches Christina Vitone, has already been doing the Focus T25 as a Test and is doing great, already down 8 lbs.

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I am taking FIVE NEW People in my Next challenge so grab your spot now!!

Spots are getting filled, serious about starting message me now!!! 

Thank you

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