Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Day Belly Blast

Are you READY to Break a Weight Plateau? Hit a New Weight Loss Goal? 
PLEASE READ all the way through post- I'm running a 5 day Belly Blast Test Group! Looking for those that WILL Seriously Do this with me for 5 Days to Lose pounds and or inches. Starting July 29th!!
- Includes Meal Plan, you can do whatever workout you choose, YOU MUST workout everyday, 5 days of Shakeology which you will purchase through me $25 and Accountability from a Team! I will require you to send me your before and after numbers with a short testimony about your results.
This is for my customers (not coaches) and my coaches customers as I am only taking a limited number of people! If you WANT in, Message me where your at now in your Health/Fitness Journey and how This can Help you!
I am a busy mom and my last competition prep was last year for my November Competition. As a fitness professional I do focus on my fitness and health all year round, I just know that at certain times I take a little break and don't train as hard. I am a migraine sufferer and I need breaks and rest so I can keep going. I also know that eating clean and working out keep me going as well, I just like to plan and work hard and them rest or Re Set my mind, body and soul and then begin again. So I am kicking off a 5 Day Belly Blast and If I do this will you do it with me? 
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I look forward to hearing from you. 

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