Monday, August 5, 2013

Ultimate Dream Body- 28 Day Test Group

Clean Eating for the Elite- a 28 day Test Group to get your Ultimate Dream Body!
Peel off those last 10 lbs!!

Read to take it to the next level with nutrition and see Amazing Results? Get your Ultimate Dream Body in 28 days! This is open to all my customers and coaches on our team Beyond Fit as well as Dream Extreme!! I have trained and designed many programs for coaches on our team and also for our customers, I come from a point of view of do what works and follow the plan, while I also customize each persons plan based off of goals and any issues that they have like allergies and such. I do promote health and not just weight loss, so my approach is to get you to be as healthy as possible while you lose weight and make changes to your body that you want. This Test Group is all about the ELITE!! Those of you ladies that are ready for Serious Results, you have no more excuses and you want to do all you can to see and feel RESULTS in 28 days!!!

Learn my top tips on how to get amazing results!! This Test Group starts on August 26th and will go through September 22nd 2013. Regular cost for nutrition consulting is $99 a month! Get in now with a group discount at 30% OFF!!! That is $69 a person. So you need you and 2 more to get started! Spread the word with your teams and see who is ready!

Includes: Webinar to help you get started, meal plan with customized changes during the 28 days with some recipes too, accountability group on Face Book, Video Tips and if your local a Shopping Trip to learn how to shop, All will be on video as well if your not local, so you can learn and I will have cooking and meal prep tips as well.
Optional and or additional fees:  will be coming to take my live workouts at Elite Fitness in Homer Glen!
Your purchase of all food and supplements! Yes: Shakeology is on the meal plan!

MUST: You must workout 6 days a week. With Cardio and weight training! Take before and after pics, weight and measurements that you will allow me to use and share along with a Testimonial at the end of the 28 days.
This is a Test Group so you are getting 30% off of the regular price to get started.

I am taking 5 groups of 3 Each so grab your team of 3 now!! Message me today!

***** When you have your Team of Three please each person Pay Pal me to secure your spot on the team. to Please see the Pay Pal button on top right of Home page for your link for payment for this plan. Eating Clean For the Elite Plan.
After your payment is made for $69 per person, message me your goals, I will be adding you to the group page and then there will be instructions for you with what info I need from you.
I look forward to serving you,
  Thank you,

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