Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Excuses OR Goals

Do you give into Excuses? 

Do you find yourself wondering why you give into excuses? Often needing to talk yourself into starting over again? I get this and I do believe others do too. You're not alone! What I have learned is that we are the hardest on ourselves and can feel bad about so many things. Forgiving ourselves sounds like a good choice to me. Here are some things that have helped me to Stop Making Excuses, Forgive and Get Moving!

1. When facing a fear I take a deep breath and say this fear doesn't come from a place of love, and will not serve me.
2. I visualize the other side of the fear as my choice and decide to push through it. Just Do it Attitude!
3. Yes, sometimes it isn't easy, but as you do it more it actually feels good to choose Love instead of " What if, anxiety and fear." Love yourself and Move on!

So if you have Fitness/Nutrition goals and your excuses are getting in the way. Just know that the sooner you get back at it and stop worrying about what you didn't do for the past months/weeks; the sooner you will start to SEE and FEEL the Results you DESIRE!! What are these things for you? YOUR Goals Do Matter!! Send me a message and let me know that you are READY for the next step or the first step towards your goals. I would love to help you take action and Reach them!!
You matter and YES you are worth it!!
- Dani

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