Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Slim Down

The Spring Slim Down is getting ready to start. I am looking for you if you want to Lose up to 5-20 lbs and Lose inches too in 21 Days!! This is a Nutrition and Fitness Focused Plan with Accountability from myself as your Coach!! While Re Focusing and committing to the 21 Day plan I was able to start putting focus back into my own workouts and concentrate on making the changes I wanted in my body. I am currently down Only 2.5 lbs and over 3 inches. I don't need to lose a lot but it is really the change in shape and bringing the muscle definition out! I am excited for my changes as well as the others that are seeing and feeling amazing results. I have posted testimonials and pictures in the past of others and have them in my Slimming Secrets Test Group Tab.

 I am opening up 10 Spots for my next Group Starting on March 16th. Must not be a coach or have one you currently work with. Want me as your Coach? Create Your FREE Account here at:
 Go here after to get started and send me a message:

I look forward to talking with you and helping you reach your goals.
Thank you,
Coach Dani 

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