Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3 Tips to help you Fit Out And Create the life you desire!

Listen to the needs of our body instead of the push of the world!!

     I want you today to really notice what is going on with you, listen to what your body, mind and soul are telling you.
     When you focus on what is going on with you and really listen you will often find that a solution for what is needed is somewhere waiting to come out. Maybe it was from a past conversation you had or a message you read and you now can remember it and check into the information to help yourself.
     I have found that years of trying to fit in left me feeling sad and upset at myself, as if there was something wrong with me. This lead to the perfectionist mentality and always having to do more and more to be better!!! Thank God, I am a recovering perfectionist!! Ha, yes I now let the vacuuming go and my desk is a bit messy but I can work and focus on what needs to be done first and making time for myself to be healthy makes me happy!!
     If you are feeling overwhelmed in an area, ask yourself is it you putting this extra pressure on yourself? And WHY? Is it to reach a deadline, goal or to look better to someone else? There is nothing wrong with working and reaching goals. I know I focus on this too. I have learned that scheduling and focusing on seasons is helping me move forward better. There are certain things that only you can do, only you can do your workout and only you can eat the food you choose and only you can do what else?? Is it certain things for your work or business? What can you hand to someone else to do? It might be hard at first but you will find that Stopping the worry about fitting in and needing to do everything yourself will FREE YOU!!!!
Here are 3 tips to help you Fit Out and Create the life you desire!!
  1. Express your true self always, it might be tough at first, but start to pay attention to things going on around you and people around you. If you are changing who you are for what ever reason, be aware of that and stop! Be You!! Love you, your health will improve in so many ways.
  2. Try to give up TV, magazine, newspapers and avoid the Internet garbage. You don't have to disconnect completely. But if you are using social media for any thing for work or business, then get on do what you need to and get off, don't scroll through the nonsense. smile emoticon
  3. Create a daily intention list. IF you first write out more on things that are meaningful to you in life this will help you break down each day. Where do you want to go, what would you like to accomplish, who will you meet, who will you work with, who is in your circle of friends, list desires of your heart. What food are you eating, what does your day look like, what clothes are you wearing, are you helping others in some way??
  I want, I am, I desire, I,,,,
     So when you are doing a daily intention it will go along with what you desire, Today I am eating Healthy meals, I worked out and I am going on a date with my hubby and I am showing him how much he means to me by singing him a song. Or whatever your intention is for the day. It should align up with your desires for your life.
     Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate you and hope your doing well. If you are dealing with things that are causing you cravings in life and you want to better understand where they are coming from, please comment below with your Email or message me with your email and I will share my Video Link with you on the 8 Causes of Cravings. They all matter when we are focused on trying to create the life we desire! Thank you. - Coach Dani

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do you Get food Cravings?

What is it about CRAVINGS? 
. Chocolate
. Chips
. Whatever...... 

I discuss Cravings a lot with my Health Clients and in my online challenge groups. When we understand that they are not all bad it opens up a whole new perspective. 

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5 Tips to help support Thyroid Health

My Journey keep inspiring me to keep going and reach more people and help them be successful with their health, fitness and nutrition goals too. 

You may not know this or maybe you know a little bit from some of my posts and videos. Anyway, my name is Dani. Years and years ago I was diagnosed with migraines, then psoriasis, then told my tummy issues were IBS, and all my pain could be Fibromyalgia, on to being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, to an MRI showing a growth on my pituitary glad ( that is in the brain).
Since I have been in the health and fitness industry about 24 years now, I always wanted to learn and take action in order to help others. Especially because I've been through a thing or two. I am the one that will learn the info and break it down for you so you can be more successful in your own health journey.
I was put on Thyroid meds and from the start I wanted OFF!!!! I made that known to my Dr. I remember telling her. I was sitting in her office after going for so many tests, feeling like is there ever going to be an answer to what is going on with me and when I was told, I was happy but also very upset! Anyway, moving on.... I told her, I am going to do my best and learn and get off this medication. She agreed and was supportive. After being on the meds for a while my tummy just started hurting worse and I ended up having my gallbladder removed. This made me so angry and brought me motivation to help others to a new level. I knew I needed to get info first and then share. I started a few different things. I stopped my Thyroid Medication and I am still off it.
1. Drinking a supplemental health shake not just a protein shake like in the past.
2. Went organic for my food for me and my family.
3. went back to school to become a Holistic Health Coach to go along with my other coaching business to help people even more.
There are so many different things that can help us and hurt us and I find its what we are Willing to do that matters.
Today I share a few of my TIPS and I hope they help you.
1. Drink enough water each day, keep it clean. I drink distilled.
2. Choose Organic Animal Protein, when I go without I lose energy and feel weak.
3. Make and consume Bone Stock. I love this it always helps build my strength back up.
4. Proper exercise and REST, you might be surprised that those killer cardio session are actually causing more harm.
5. SLEEP. get good quality sleep about 7-8 hours a night. I went years without it and now It is a critical part of my healing journey.
Thank you for reading and if you feel this can help someone else, share! Thank you for that too!!!
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