Sunday, December 31, 2017

Gluten, Grains, Inflammation and Why!

Gluten, Grains, Inflammation.... Check out the Video Below!!!! 

If you have Autoimmune or just sick of feeling like crap I hope you will watch this video I made awhile back for one of my online groups. 

I'm getting messages and Yes I have been gluten free for years as well as other things. Here is a bit on why its not just gluten any more!!

Symptoms- one way our body talks to us!!
. Bloated
. Headache 
. Diarrhea 
. Constipation 
. Alternating D/C and other digestive pain/issues
. Pain, joints, muscles 
. Skin issues- rashes, psoriasis 
. Dizzy, foggy, vertigo 
. Shaky
. Fatigue super tired

This is part of my Journey and I am dedicated to sharing every step with you... Thank you for being here. Thank you for comments and sharing!! Video is below!  ♡ Dani
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