Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Anxiety Sucks!

Anxiety Sucks!
But we have hope!

Did you know that the physical feelings you get when the anxiety monster hits are REAL???
Many people around you may think that you should just snap out of it, or stop faking it!!!! YEP! But hey, we all have a bit of anxiety. Some of us just have it more and in different ways then others.
Those that have anxiety are known for being more sensitive and caring and creative!!! :)
A Bonus to anxiety, who knew, lol!!!

But really, if you are dealing with Anxiety and feel like it takes over your life, it is horrible. I have had to battle this ugly monster myself in life and so of course it has been passed down to my boys. UGH!! But we will WIN!!!!

You see those with Autoimmune disease are more prone to anxiety as well. When you are already having an issue with your brain and gut, well HELLO it is easier to get more waves of it and feel like you are out of control. I have helped many of my clients in this area as well because when we work on your body as a whole and not just look to treat one area it helps that much more. You are not just your brain. You are not just your gut. You are not just your autoimmune issue. We need to approach things from all areas. The cool thing is there are things we can do to start to understand anxiety better and BEAT IT!!!!

I don't think it will ever go away, I know I am in my 40's and it loves to hide and then pop out at certain times to try and take over again. I love having simple things that I can do to beat it down and not let that happen. But more importantly it has been about daily focus on my health and not letting things build and build till it explodes anymore!! I don't like being a hot mess, do you? I know there are jokes about that out there, but seriously I am not about living perfect, but I don't and can't function as a hot mess!! No Thank you!!

WE are working hard at helping my youngest son right now to beat anxiety. His autoimmune disease has had him home bound even though he is doing really well. When school started he caught a virus and it spun his Crohn's disease into a little flare and it was really difficult to get him in school long enough each day to stay on top of his school work. So we did the best we could and set up a home bound tutor to come to the house. Well, you know how when you stay away from something for a while and then need to go back, you start having those thoughts again and the what if's and ...... Well that is the Anxiety monster showing up again.

Over the years, I have done a lot of research and work in the area of anxiety. I met with a few different Dr's to get more to help myself and my clients. One of the best things I have ever learned was that we need to recognize the anxiety and talk to it. We need to let it know that we are not letting it take over anymore. It is not an easy thing at first. Especially depending on what your anxiety is. I mean most of us have more then one! Let's be real....
Just like anything else with our health we need to work on it daily. When my son and I met with his counselor at school to discuss going back to school for second semester of his freshman year, she highly recommend a book for us to read. I ordered it and we just started reading it. Well, let me tell you how it started and where we are at now.

So, last night I grabbed the book and my son looked at me and said, "I am not reading that, I don't need it." I could literally see the anxiety monster sitting on his shoulder talking to him, making his face upset and angry. I told him, I am going to read it to him and I want him to just sit and listen. Well, he responded with crossed arms lying on my bed and closed his eyes. He was showing a very closed off body language. I told him so and he put his arms by his side, but I could still tell that his anxiety monster didn't want him to listen to me. Guess, What? I read it anyway.
The first sentence had us cracking up. My husband was in the room too and we all started laughing. That was it, He was in......... He went from closed to open and laughing and learned what he anxiety themes are and was talking about what he agreed with and felt he related with and what he said was not right about his anxieties. We will continue on later today with more.

So I wanted to share with you the book. I already texted my sister about it today too. I am so excited to have a great tool to share with other Mom's. Plus its not that expensive and you can get it on Amazon.
Boom!!! Go order it now.

Anxiety Sucks! A Teen Survival Guide
by Natasha Daniels

Cheers to exposing and annihilating the Anxiety Monsters in your life!!

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