About Dani

Faith, Hope, Believe, Expect, That's when God will move on your Behalf!

My life has been a journey of finding my true self and purpose. Having to overcome many struggles and Autoimmune diseases has taught me many important lessons in my life and I believe is how God is using me to inspire REAL and WHOLE Health into others lives! 

For me growing up, I was the friend that everyone came to with everything, I always had a heart filled to help out anyone in anyway I could. I believe I was born this way as a gift from God, I also know that I learned a lot from my mom who always was there for everyone and worked very hard to raise a family and work at the same time. Having a mother and father that stayed together during the hard times and saw their kids as a priority was something that is instilled in me for life! I am thankful for that everyday! I remember my mom and dad would exercise and take that time for themselves to be healthy. That clicked for me: I need to show everyone that they need to do that too!! I loved fitness and finding ways to eat healthy, I looked into every show that was on about fitness, read everything I could get my hands on and, that is how it began. At a very young age I started teaching fitness classes and then got my Personal Training certificates. Realizing after so many years later, that Something Was Missing! I was working so hard to help everyone reach the dreams that they had and only Part of mine were being met! My purpose is Bigger than just that! I remember saying, I need to reach more people, do more for others and reach my financial and physical goals too. I have a family now and this is about all of us not just me. So, I took a Huge Leap and made a decision to get myself surrounded with others that were thinking the same thing and who would be a Big Stepping Stone for me and my family to Change Ours and Others Lives!!

It is easy for me to say that I have been part of the health and fitness industry for over 25 years now. I have been in management, trained others to teach fitness and be personal trainers, I still train clients one on one and in groups, and I still teach groups fitness. I love all of these things. It is not the only thing I do. ON my journey in life, I found nutrition to be one of the missing components for many people that would come into my life. They would think that exercise was the way to lose weight, be fit and more.... I discovered long a go that what you eat matters and you can't out train a bad or not balanced diet!! Also for those of us with Autoimmune and other conditions we need to train differently. When we work out to hard, we can't allow our body to recover. We will constantly be creating more inflammation and draining our poor tired out adrenals. When you have symptoms, it is our body screaming at us and we need to listen and take care of what is going on from the inside out. 

For years I went from Dr, to Dr and was told that I was fine, young, healthy and just needed medication to help with anxiety!! I fought and fought, researched and went back to school to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach and discovered so much more for my health and the health of my children with Autoimmune as well. Back in the years between 2008-2010 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and put on a medication called Synthroid. That journey started something and I ended up feeling worse and was back and forth to Dr's and specialist again. Only then to have my gallbladder removed and a huge ovarian cyst dissolved. I ended up very sick after surgery and it took me about 3 months to recover. But I did it. I also talked to my Dr about getting off of the Synthroid and started doing things naturally to support my thyroid. I wish back then the Dr's would have checked my blood work deeper to see if my antibodies were okay because years later I crashed and had terrible immune flare ups. I was healthy most of the times but really struggling through a cycle of one flare after another and then finally was hit with the worst one of my life that left me in bed and I probably should of been in the hospital. I knew going to the hospital  would lead to giving me steroids and immune suppressant medications, I did NOT want that. I chose to fight for my life at home, I rested, slept, forced myself to give up teaching fitness so I could rest better. Seriously I was in so much pain and sick so it was almost impossible to leave the house anyway. I hated giving up so much. I felt alone. Many walked out of my life because I couldn't serve them the way I had in the past. Talk about a kick when you are down. I did however keep going with a bit of my on line business from my bed each day. I believe that the best way to keep going is to spread encouragement to others, so I tried to do a little bit of that each day. My clients saw how REAL autoimmune is, that even a fitness professional and health coach can get hit when they are eating well and taking care of themselves for the most part. I had to share what was missing and what made me crash so hard and how I fought each day to get ME Back and get better!!! 

I found a couple of amazing Functional medicine Dr's to help me out with getting proper testing. This lead me to know what was happening inside my body. Not digesting food properly leads to not absorbing and also not detoxing properly. I had a bacteria infection in my gut, was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Meniere's. So these were more autoimmune diseases to add to my already psoriasis diagnosis from years ago. There is so much more to this and I worked on many aspects of my health to get better. Stress, Environment, products, supplements, cleaner medication, food, exercise and more..... 
One thing will not make us better, it is treating your body as a Whole and digging to find the root cause of your symptoms! 

 I now know that all I went through was to prepare me for helping others more and better! I was able to design systems that helped me and have found that tweaking them for each person is key. WE are each different and its important to understand that a cookie cutter plan may help a bit a first but you will run into something eventually that will show you that you need more! Feel free to watch my videos to learn more about my journey and how I am BETTER, Happier and Healthier and fighting each day to keep going and help others do the same. 

For me! I know deep inside my Heart and Soul that I was created for More. To be an Inspirational Leader to others, to motivate and get involved with peoples lives. I am living my Life Purpose Today, Now! Showing others how to dream, live, love and be in the best Physical and Financial Shape of their lives! I am looking for others just like me, struggle sometimes and want more out of life, maybe not knowing the way yet....
 Faith, Hope, Believe, Expect, That's when God will move on Your Behalf!

What is it that you need or want right now, Better Finances, Health, live well with Autoimmune, Lose Weight, improve gut health,  Avoid Surgery, Time with family, Your Own Business, Pay off Bills, Vacation, Food on the table, Be Part of something Great?
It is all possible: Fix your thoughts on what is true and surround yourself with others who will lift you up, push you to reach further than you ever have before and always tell you to never give up!!
Read more of my blog and find more information on Eating Clean and Healthy, Exercise to reach your goals, Fitness, and Personal Training and how to Join My Team and get started on your Own Business today!
I live my life with knowing all things happen for a reason, we may not know it yet, just see!!

Love Life, Laugh as You Live and Stay Fit!!
xoxo Dani