Team Beyond Fit

Dani Laux: Founder and Leader of Team Beyond Fit, a Team of Beachbody Coaches from the Team Dream Extreme and Platinum Presenters. All on a mission to End the Trend of Obesity!

Hi, I am Danielle Laux. I'm a Fitness Professional, Certified Holistic Health Coach, wife, mom of two, and a Successful Business Developer. I am growing an amazing team and just maybe you are on this page to see what all this talk about Coaching means, maybe your looking to make some changes in your life. For me as a Fitness Professional for over 25 years, I can tell you that this business has brought me about 4 x more Income than a week of teaching classes. I now am making a Full Time Income from Home!!  I help my family buy groceries, pay bills and have even been able to start a Savings Account. This business has given me the opportunity to travel, become a Figure/Bikini Competitor, go back to school to learn more in Holistic Nutrition and grow and amazing team of people looking to pay it forward in life. Do you Want or Need more Income? To stay at home with your kids, Pay off bills, take your family on vacation, or buy a home or car? Maybe your desire is to use more income to help other people in ways that they can't help themselves. Or you want to impact others lives as well as your own, by doing something like Starting Your Own Business!!

See a little bit of what Coaching is about in this short video!

Apply today:

I invite you to My Teams Website to view a Presentation and look around to see if this is a fit for you.

Please contact me after you have watched with any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you. I train my coaches on my team to be successful in reaching their goals. We can do it together, what are your goals? Contact me today!

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Click on the Coach Tab and click Yes I want to be a Team Beachbody Coach, Fill out the information and notice is says Your Coach is DaniLauxFit, that is me and will confirm that I am the coach you are signing up with. After you fill out info you can pick the Challenge Pack you want to get started with. We have probably already discussed your goals and options so go ahead and pick the one you want and the Shakeology or Daily Sunshine flavor of your choice. Contact me and let me know you are ready for your Getting Started Call! I look forward to working with you!!!  

Dani Laux-

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