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As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutrition and Fitness Professional with over 25 years of experience, Dani is here to help you reach all your health, wellness and fitness related goals. Please feel free to look around the site and learn more about Dani and her life from the Tabs above; as well as the list of posts.

Are you in the Fitness/Health Coaching Business? Learn how to help your customers and or Team in the areas of planning meals and organizing a nutrition and fitness program above and beyond what is included in a program that you bought. Dani helps hundreds of coaches/reps learn how to do just that! You can send your Team or yourself and get on the fast track to seeing results and learn how to advance yourself in this industry!! Autoimmune is on the rise and many are wanting to learn how to eat to heal the gut and live life well beyond just eating clean and exercise.

Are you looking to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, improve energy, learn how to eat clean, healthy and balanced; maybe you want to just feel better and live a healthy lifestyle, or maybe your training for a particular event in life and want to be in your Best Shape Ever.  Learn to clear out toxins and reverse disease damage, get control of your symptoms, heal your gut and more......
You don't have to live close and you don't have to come and take one of Dani's live classes to learn and train with her. Dani can help you on line.

Programs Packages: Pick the best option for you:

14 Day Happy Hormone Holistic Detox- This program system will allow you to learn how to remove toxins in your food and the products that you use on your body and in your household. You will learn how to focus on your health from a holistic approach. This means, losing the bloat because you are reducing inflammation and allowing your organs to function better. A great Kick Start to getting healthy or after a holiday or just need to refocus and start again. Includes your Happy Hormone Guide, Meal Ideas and Food Lists, Text and email support with Coach Dani. Cost: $39

28 Day Elimination Transformation- This program system will  help you learn what symptoms you are having and allow you and I to pick what system is best for you. It might be a basic elimination, or an autoimmune focused elimination and or for a candida or yeast over growth elimination. You will learn how to follow a function medicine and holistic approach to eating, supplementing and taking care of your body inside and out. Includes your guide, meal ideas, food list, shopping list, planner page to keep track of your day and food, text and email support with Coach Dani and more....
Cost: $79

Eating for Your Wellness and Beauty- This program system is all about helping you to shine inside and out. Help you to make the best food choices, best product choices for your body and home, so you can avoid toxins and not only look amazing but FEEL it too. You will learn toxic free skin care tips, make up tips, how to's for cooking and recipes, healthy living tips, how to's for detoxing better to help your organs function at their best, and much more!!!!!! This program will run in a private group for 28 days and then will be available for individual purchase afterwards for others. Also Includes your eating for wellness and beauty guide, text and email support, videos and live video consults in the group  and more....  Cost: $150

Health/Nutrition/Fitness Consulting- 
Dani will recommend a workout program for you based off of your goals and information you send her. These are all recommendations of course. So it is up to you to make sure you have your Dr's approval if needed and are ready to go! Dani can also help you with meal planning and give you top recommendations depending on your goals, conditions, symptoms and how you are eating now. Dani helps many be successful that have issues such as pain, migraines, hypothyroidism, autoimmune and more, even helping woman get Bikini body Ready!  This is all done through email and text messages and even in online groups. All programs are month to month or you can do a Three-Six month program for a discount! WE will work very closely together. I will meet you where you are at now and help guide you to reach your goals. We focus on a holistic approach to your health. This means we will discuss your goals for life, how you handle stress, what your work is like, relationships, exercise, and work on educating you in many areas to help you be successful!

One On One: $75 per Consulting session 55 minutes
*Requires 2 consults per month minimum.

Monthly Nutrition: $99

Grocery Store and Kitchen Consulting: $75 per Consultation Session Visit

Cooking Meals and Prep: $50 per meal plus the cost of food!



Optional: Shakeology- Ultimate Meal Supplement to help you lose weight, get rid of cravings, replace one meal a day, regulate digestive system and so much more. There is a Vegan option to help you stay Dairy Free. But if you need Grain free try the Daily Sunshine Smoothie instead. 
Or Daily Sunshine- Ultimate 3 in 1 Smoothie that is Grain Free and Dairy Free! 

For Better Makeup and Skin Care that is Safer and not toxic visit: 

See the Testimonial and Stories Tab to read results from others! As well as Visit the Slim Down Obsession Tab to read more on about the ON line Slim Down group for you and results from others. 

All payments can be paid through Pay Pal:

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