Sharing some of the Customers and Coaches Stories here! This is meant to be an inspiration to you, for you to know that you are not alone and if they can do it, So Can YOU!!!!

Jan Before at 338 lbs
The level of service at Fit Body Fit Food with Dani is fantastic. Dani has helped me to achieve the best rounded advantage out of my work out. The mind and muscle connection was not well developed in me. Dani has trained me to make a better connection. Dani also trained me to breath more correctly for the best advantage of my body. She develops a work out to challenge my body. So many times, every week, I feel my muscles in my back, my stomach, my arms, legs and chest, and it just makes me happy. I may never love working out, but I do love being healthy and I thank Dani for showing me how to get the most out of my body and how to do so routinely. I am in my 50's and I feel that Personal Training is a must in my life. I encourage my friends to give themselves the gift of Personal Training."

Jan ongoing in 180's lbs!

Janet Sherburne-                              

Tom Laux: My husband! Follow his journey at: http://www.tomlaux.blogspot.com/

Chrissie Staunton: I'm seeing results too! A year ago I thought, "I've made my bed, I may as well eat it." Jokes aside, I really thought I was done for, never to run the steps two at a time or play sports or look good in something slinky ever again. Not so! With a revelation, hard work, determination, Shakeology, fab workouts, and a LOT of love and support from my coach and friends at Beachbody I have now lost 60 pounds! I have definition and strength, energy and might! I have never felt this good or strong in my life and I will be forty very soon. It's never too early or too late to change!!!


"Well before I was a coach I was not really focused on my health. ...I had lost weight before but not the right way. I did weight watchers, JENNY Craig, etc. I would lose some weight but put it back on. I was so busy taking care of my daughter or working. I did not ever make my health a priority. Then I met you Dani! My friend Nickie had lost some weight and was taking shakeology. She invited me to hear more about it. I figured why not! I signed up to be a coach and than I just started to feel so much better and had more energy. The weight started to come off and truly my life changed. I was able to focus on myself. I started working out and my daughter started to join me. I started to eat healthier and my family joined me! I felt better than I have in years. I also started to get people asking me what I was doing. I started helping others get healthy and it was the best motivation ever. I am currently down 38 lbs. I have a goal to lose 90lbs. I will get there. My lifestyle has changed. I have improved my daughters life And I hope to have as many people join me as I can inspire!!"

Meet Mandie Craven:

I've been on the weight loss journey since 2006. I was in a marriage that was not good for me mentally, physically and emotionally. In 2008 I had a baby and shot my weight up to 200 pounds. Between being a new mom acting as a single mom and a bad marriage it took its toll on my body. I only lost 30 pounds in three years. Then after a nasty divorce I met my hero, my husband. I lost another 10 pounds ...and got pregnant. She was born in December and once again my weight jumped. I was 210 pounds and feeling it. After my 6 week recovery period was over I was pushing 190. At that moment I made a commitment to myself that I was going to lose all my baby weight from both girls. I started with Slim in 6 to get back into the routine then added Les Mills Pump. Shortly after that my life changed. I met an amazing group of women who supported me through my journey. I decided to do the May slim down challenge which helped me learn what to eat and how much I should be eating. I was not prepared for what I was in store for, but I did my best. I am 9 weeks into my journey and I am down 20 pounds. I am at my pre pregnancy weight from my second child. I have 30 more to go and feeling so confident. I could not do what I've done without my amazing husband and my large support group. They mean the world to me. So as a mom of a 4 year old and 5 month old i am getting there. Constantly learning and adjusting. Thank you for everyone keeping me motivated and staying strong!- Mandie

"Before I started the Happy Holistic Hormone Detox group I had just been to the doctor and found out that I had some lumps on my thyroid. Of course, panic set in but I took a step back and looked at what it could be.
That evening, I saw Dani's post about her group that was starting soon and I messaged her that I would be interested in participating - my gut feeling was that I was dealing with thyroid disease (specifically Hashimotos). After an ultrasound and biopsy, it was confirmed, luckily it wasn't cancer and I wasn't going to need my thyroid out and being a part of this group was exactly what I was going to need.

During the Holistic group, I learned about inflammation, my immune system and healing my gut. I also learned that a holistic approach is best because though we are many parts, we are one body that is meant to work in unison. I started putting her lessons into practice right away. I began an elimination diet of the inflammatory foods my body did NOT need and practicing my breathing, lowering my stress level by practicing my breathing. In just a few dats I was already feeling better!

I truly feel blessed to have re-connected with Dani. Being a part of this group has helped me to stay focused. I learned long ago that you become what you surround yourself with. I choose to surround myself with people who support and lift me up. Dani has been encouraging and motivating throughout the two weeks and I am grateful that she is a part of my healing.
While I had measurable results, I've lost nearly ten pounds, it is the other results I am most pleased with. My mood is better, I have more energy, I sleep better, my stress level is down, my skin looks better, just to name a few.
I recommend working with Dani because this is her calling. She is here, and was made, to help people. She truly wants you to be successful and is there for you to answer questions and help you along." Maria.

"Before I started the Happy Hormone Holistic Detox, I was feeling down and frustrated. I was dealing with constant cravings, weight gain and low energy levels.

I decided to message Dani because I had had enough.

During the Holistic Detox, I started to learn how to eat to suit my body and its needs and how to implement those changes into my life. I started noting less bloating, less cravings, more energy and weight loss. Even more than that though, I noticed a change in my mindset. I am in control now. The choices are in my hands and I want to continue to feel better so I need to continue making those choices.

Having Dani as a Health Coach and having this group has impacted my life because I need the accountability and the support. I need to know that others are struggling too and I need Dani’s encouraging feedback and her ability to make you look within yourself to identify the reasons for those struggles. Now, because I feel in control, I feel like a better version of myself.

I have lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks. I finally have the energy that I’ve been lacking. I feel less puffy and bogged down.

I recommend working with Dani because she truly wants to help and she is very knowledgeable. She’ll make you dig deep and be accountable- to her and the group but also to yourself and you’ll be thanking her that she did!" - Jen Staley! 

"When I started the Happy Hormones Holistic Detox I was looking for a starting point. I was feeling unmotivated in both my nutrition and exercise plans. I was also dealing with frequent headaches, periods of depression, possible water retention, and a heavy stomach feeling. I decided to message Dani Laux because she is very approachable and has tons of knowledge in fitness & nutrition. I want to learn more from her regarding hormones, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, leaky gut, etc. I also needed her daily accountability with both nutrition & exercise. During the Holistic Detox, I started to learn to stop stressing and take one day at a time, relax your mind daily, and implement a strong focus on good nutrition, exercise, and daily accountability into my life. I started noticing I didn't beat myself up over a bad food choice or a missed day at the gym. To be honest, I didn't take pictures or step on the scale at the start of this challenge. I didn't want either to be the focus of my effort. I still haven't weighed myself!

Having Dani as a Health Coach and this group has impacted my life because when you are part of a group, with a Coach that really cares about how you feel, you are more committed. When you read the daily posts & responses, it reminds you that we are all human, we are all dealing with health issues, poor nutrition choices, and/or motivation issues. But being in the group, we can all give tips, share what helps, share recipes, learn together, ask questions, etc. Now I feel like I have a few tricks up my sleeve, new recipes to try, tons of information to read...and re-read, and videos to watch!

My results were measured in the amount of information I received. I was able to make a binder full of recipes & notes! I still have not weighed myself. But I feel much more motivated, my mood is better, my motativation is back, I'm trying new meals and snacks, & my stomach is not "heavy"! I would recommend working with Dani because she is very knowledgeable in fitness and so many aspects of health & nutrition. I have reached out to her multiple times with concerns; she is very willing to help you and give you recommendations/advice. Dani is very professional, yet human. She has learned a lot through her own journey and has a lot to teach you!" -Colleen Pyrcioch

:" Before I started the Happy Holistic Detox I was feeling tired, bloated, weighed down and been dealing with a lot of stress. I decided to message Dani Laux because a friend of mine told me about this Detox she was doing and how great it had made her feel.
During the holistic detox I started to learn how to implement healthy foods into my life and started noticing amazing changes right away.
Having Dani as a Health Coach and this group has impacted my life because it has given me the motivation and support to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Now I feel amazing and have so much more energy. My mind is clearer and am able to deal with stress in a more healthier way.
The results I had are having more energy, not feeling bloated, feeling so good both inside and out and lost 12 pounds.
I recommend working with Dani because her happy holistic detox has changed my life and is so simple to understand and follow.
Thank you so so much Dani!!!" - Margie 

"Hi Dani
Before I started this 2 week journey I was feeling lousy my weight creeping up wondering if my blood pressure is going up not wanting to go back on meds so I saw you were doing this 2 wk detox so I thought I should do it! I was telling Jodi & she said she wanted to do it also which made me so happy because she definitely has issues w stress & not feeling well. So the 1st wk was a little hard but I got thru it & started feeling optimistic like back to myself again. I lost about 5 lbs & I think this is a great start & plan to keep it going. I'm trying to implement all the info into my life like having a drink etc without gaining weight. This week is a little more emotional for me I'm a little lost w my daily routines still trying to get use to no work. It's a good thing I am grateful but it still gets me down sometimes I have hard time w change. Now I can focus on myself & getting my husband healthy.
But thanks for all you do Dani this 2 week I think is your best yet! I am so happy Jodi seems to be doing well also. Big hugs to you "- Betty Zanella

"Before I started the Happy Hormone Holistic Detox I was dealing with stomach aches and heart burn. My mom recommended Dani Laux because she finds her to be inspiring and knows she has a holistic approach toward health. During the Detox I started to learn how to say no to foods that weren’t good for my body and make better choices. About one week in, I noticed my heartburn was gone and my stomach was no longer bloated or sore. Having Dani as a health coach and this group helped keep me on track and focused. Now I feel more in control and like I’m on a better path. As a bonus, I Iost 5 pounds in two weeks!!"-Jodi Zanella